Jailor Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. जेलर (p. jelar )

Jailor Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Someone who guards prisoners

Jailor Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Forgiveness is the only way to heal ourselves and to be free from the past. Without forgiveness, we remain tethered to the person who harmed us. We are bound to the chains of bitterness, tied together, trapped. Until we can forgive the person who harmed us, that person will hold the keys to our happiness, that person will be our jailor. When we forgive, we take back control of our own fate and our feelings. We become our own liberator."
- Quote by Desmond Tutu

2. "Time Off For Good Behavior Of course it stops. If you lie down In the dark, your heart unburdens itself As gladly as you, taking small comfort From what you manage to dream, not beating (Since you’re no longer there to listen) At the cage-bars of your breastbone. Why should it throb all night without you? All day, telling itself its time Is passing, passing away, it counted On you to be different, not the grudging And bloody-minded, skin-tight jailor Making his rounds, jangling his key-ring. But you did nothing new to persuade it Hearts must earn their keep in The Night To be pardoned someday, forgiven, even Given away for good to someone. So it waits for that moment when you fall Asleep, off-guard. Then it stops cold."
- David Wagoner, Landfall: Poems

3. " then, get out of the woods! If you don't hurry away quickly, I'll tell you what will happen-- if you don't leave the forest behind you by daylight, you'll lose yourselves; your pleasure will end in bawling." Do you know how five virgins dawdled in the meadow, till the king slammed his dining-room door? Their shouting and shame were outrageous: their jailor tore everything off them, down to their skins they stood like milk cows without any clothes."
- Quote by Robert Lowell

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