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  1. 1. A small band of jazz musicians

Jazz Band Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "inquiries. You will feel it in the music and cherish it as the most magical part of the jazz idiom. If you don’t, you can always leave the jazz club and check out a rock or pop covers band. That’s perfect entertainment for people who want to live in the realm of perfect replication. Jazz, in"
- Ted Gioia, How to Listen to Jazz

2. "Jazz closed his eyes."
- Barry Lyga, Blood of My Blood

3. "They went along a balcony that looked down over the dining room and the dance floor. The lisp of hot jazz came up to them from the lithe, swaying bodies of a high-yaller band. With the lisp of jazz came the smell of food and cigarette smoke and perspiration. The balcony was high and the scene down below had a patterned look, like an overhead camera shot. (Nevada Gas)"
- Raymond Chandler, The Simple Art of Murder

4. "During the so-called Jazz Age, most of the music's key exponents focused their creative energy on soloing not bandleading, on improvisation not orchestration, on an interplay between individual instruments not between sections. [...] Commercial pressures, rather than artistic prerogatives, stand out as the spur that forced many early jazz players (including Armstrong, Beiderbecke, and Hines) to embrace the big band idiom. But even in the new setting, they remained improvisers, first and foremost, not orchestrators or composers."
- Ted Gioia, The History of Jazz

5. "I lay my body down in another city, another hotel room. Once Louis Armstrong and his band stayed here. Later the hotel fell to trash. New money resurrected it. Under the red moon of justice, I dream with the king of jazz."
- Joy Harjo, Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings: Poems

6. "It's hard to explain what happens when jazz and punk fuse with a violin twist but it works. Probably because Anson Choi takes off his shirt while he's playing the saxophone. Whoever's not chatting up a Cadet or a girl from Darling House or playing chess with the guys is watching the band. I turn into a groupie."
- Melina Marchetta, On the Jellicoe Road

7. "To be a jazz freedom fighter is to attempt to galvanize and energize world-weary people into forms of organization with accountable leadership that promote critical exchange and broad reflection. The interplay of individuality and unity is not one of uniformity and unanimity imposed from above but rather of conflict among diverse groupings that reach a dynamic consensus subject to questioning and criticism. As with a soloist in a jazz quartet, quintet or band, individuality is promoted in order to sustain and increase the creative tension with the group--a tension that yields higher levels of performance to achieve the aim of the collective project."
- Cornel West, Race Matters

8. "Kitty Meets the Band"
- Carrie Vaughn, Kitty Goes to Washington

9. "Gin, jazz and dreams were not enough."
- Quote by Ralph Ellison

10. "Quando non sai cos’è, allora è jazz."
- Quote by Alessandro Baricco

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