Kamchatka Peninsula Meaning in Hindi

Kamchatka Peninsula Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. A peninsula in eastern Siberia; between Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk

Kamchatka Peninsula Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "confinement. This morning the plane was over the Malay peninsula,"
- Alain de Botton, The Art of Travel

2. "This is Zemzem near Mecca. According to this, however, Hagar headed into the Arabian Peninsula rather than toward Egypt."
- Quote by Abraham Ibn Ezra

3. "Thanks to a newly perfected technology, the camel, the people of the Arabian Peninsula found themselves well placed to profit from trade between East and West."
- Matt Ridley, The Rational Optimist

4. "I remember hating having to cross over the Broadway Bridge again, having to leave the peninsula neighborhood and go back to my apartment in downtown Boston."
- Michael Patrick MacDonald, All Souls: A Family Story from Southie

5. "At the end of the war American and Soviet troops massed throughout most of the European peninsula, with Americans also in Britain and the British in Europe. The peninsula was occupied, shattered and exhausted, no longer the arbiter of its own fate."
- George Friedman, Flashpoints: the emerging crisis in Europe

6. "In the bare room under the old library on the hill in the town at the tip of the small peninsula on the cold island so far from everything else, I lived among strangers and birds."
- Rebecca Solnit, The Faraway Nearby

7. "It seemed to Rosa Lublin that the whole peninsula of Florida was weighted down with regret. Everyone had left behind a real life. Here they had nothing. They were all scarecrows, blown about under the murdering sunball with empty ribcages."
- Cynthia Ozick, The Shawl

8. "In 732 Charles Martel, in a defining battle, defeated the Muslim armies, forcing them back behind the mountains and confining them to the Iberian Peninsula. Had Martel lost that battle, Europe would have been a very different place. It"
- George Friedman, Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe

9. "The European peninsula was occupied by the United States and the Soviet Union, its sovereignty compromised. Over the next decades its empire would disintegrate and its global power disappear."
- George Friedman, Flashpoints: the emerging crisis in Europe

10. "The pear trees were bare, their limbs spread open like the viscera of a parasol. Stretching into the darkness beyond, the single houses, double houses, and villas were lined up in cramped, neat rows which ran toward the tip of the peninsula. p94"
- Sue Monk Kidd, The Invention of Wings

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