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  1. 1. A camp defended by a circular formation of wagons

Laager Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "You're a terrible feller, said Butcher. If you had your way, you'd leave us stark naked. We should all be standing on our little island in the savage state of the Ancient Britons; figuratively. He hiccuped. Yes, figuratively. But in reality the country would be armed better than it ever had been before. And by the sacrifice of these famous 'national characteristics' we cling to sentimentally, and which are merely the accident of a time, we should lay a soil and foundation of unspecific force on which new and realler 'national flavours' would very soon sprout. I quite agree, Butcher jerked out energetically. He ordered another Laager. I agree with what you say. If we don't give up dreaming, we shall get spanked. I have given up my gypsies. That was very public-spirited of me? He looked coaxingly. "If every one would give up their gypsies, their jokes and their gentlemen—. 'Gentlemen' are worse than gypsies."
- Wyndham Lewis, Tarr

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