Leisureliness Meaning in Hindi

Leisureliness Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Slowness by virtue of being leisurely

Leisureliness Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "However dark the nows may be in your experience, the afters of God are worth waiting for! As we think of God’s dealings with His children we are impressed with His leisureliness. God’s ways may be hidden, but Wait for God’s Afters!"
- Lettie B. Cowman, Springs in the Valley

2. "The reader, like his fellows, doubtless prefers action to reflection, and doubtless he is wholly in the right. So we shall get to it. However, I must advise that this book is written leisurely, with the leisureliness of a man no longer troubled by the flight of time; that is a work supinely philosophical, but of a philosophy wanting in uniformity, now austere, now playful, a thing that neither edifies nor destroys, neither inflames nor chills, and that is at once more of a pastime and less than a preachment."
- Machado de Assis, Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas

3. "You can learn to enjoy your sensuality in each and every moment. Right now, listening to music, let the music vibrate the pores of your skin. Washing dishes, let the suds bathe your hands. Walking the dog, learn to enjoy being pulled. Every day there are hundreds of things you can enjoy. You can enjoy the leisureliness of a stroll, or the sweat of jogging, or the tang of a breeze. Every moment can be an experience that lets you grow in sensuality. Right now you can feel this paper, this book, this space, the sounds around you, even your own breathing. Being open to all that and with all that will gradually turn you on to life more and more."
- Quote by Paula Gunn Allen

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