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  1. 1. A measure of the money supply; includes currency in circulation plus demand deposits or checking account balances

M1 Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "this episode of Pimp My Tank,’ Commander Sanderson said, ‘we attach the largest speakers in the world to an M1 Abrams."
- John Ringo, Strands of Sorrow

2. "M0 (also known as the monetary base or high-powered money), which is equal to the total liabilities of the central bank, that is, cash plus the reserves of private sector banks on deposit at the central bank; and M1 (also known as narrow money), which is equal to cash in circulation plus demand or ‘sight’ deposits."
- Niall Ferguson, The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World

3. "General James Gavin, the commander of the 82d Airborne Division in World War II, carried an M1 Garand rifle, then the standard American-infantry weapon of World War II. He advised young infantry officers not to carry any equipment that would make them stand out in the eyes of the enemy."
- Dave Grossman, On Killing

4. "::putedu();          }    }; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class scientist : private employee, private student  //scientist    {    private:       int pubs;     //number of publications    public:       void getdata()          {          employee::getdata();          cout << "   Enter number of pubs: "; cin >> pubs;          student::getedu();          }       void putdata() const          {          employee::putdata();          cout << "\n   Number of publications: " << pubs;          student::putedu();          }    }; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class laborer : public employee             //laborer    {    }; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// int main()    {    manager m1;    scientist s1, s2;    laborer l1;    cout << endl;    cout << "\nEnter data for manager 1";    //get data for    m1.getdata();                            //several employees    cout << "\nEnter data for scientist 1"
- Robert Lafore, Object-Oriented Programming in C++

5. "If you do not have — right now —an FAL, M1, M1A, or HK91, then there is something you have chosen not to own for your freedom. If you do own such a rifle but cannot — right now — from offhand position hit a dinner plate at 100yds within 5 seconds on demand without fail, then there is a skill you have chosen not to earn for your freedom. If you are not a Rifleman — right now — then you have announced to the world that your commitment to liberty goes only just so far. If you will not spend a summer and the price of a used jetski to become a Rifleman — to become a deadly foe of tyranny — then you are just mouthing platitudes, treating liberty as a hobby and expecting brave men to do your fighting for you. If you're not a Rifleman — you're just a hobbyist. By choosing to move to a state where you can't become a Rifleman, a hobbyist is what you'll remain."
- Boston T. Party, Molon Labe!

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