Mab Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. परीयो की रानी (p. pariyo ki rani )

Mab Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Lies. Mab cannot change who you are."
- Jim Butcher, Ghost Story

2. "So," he said. "Mab." I grunted vaguely in reply. "You hit that," Sanya said."
- Jim Butcher, Changes

3. "Mab had the kind of power you had to describe using exponents."
- Jim Butcher, Cold Days

4. "Could just be Chicago. Which can be just as scary as Mab, some days."
- Jim Butcher, Small Favor

5. "Mab narrowed her eyes, and a little smile graced her lips. Impudent, she said. It’s sweet on you."
- Jim Butcher, Dead Beat

6. "Mab: You know, Bill, you should see an optometrist about that rolling-eye problem. Makes you look rude and patronizing."
- Quote by Jennifer Crusie

7. "You’d think as long as I was gambling with my soul, I would have thought to get Mab to throw in fifty bucks an hour plus expenses."
- Jim Butcher, Summer Knight

8. "[Mab] was pale, beautiful on a scale that beggared simple description, and I harbored a healthy and rational terror of her."
- Jim Butcher, Skin Game

9. "There's been a lot on my mind," I replied. "It seems unlikely that your cares will lighten," Queen Mab replied. "Improve your mind."
- Jim Butcher, Cold Days

10. "They stared at each other for a moment, perplexed by their newfound siblinghood. 'So we're the Luke and Leia of hell,' Mab said."
- Jennifer Crusie, Wild Ride

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