Major Key Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. मुख्य कुंजी (p. mukhyakumji )

Major Key Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. A key whose harmony is based on the major scale

Major Key Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "I wish,’ said Lymond, ‘it would try a major key sometimes.’ ‘Wind,’ Chancellor said, ‘is a melancholy creature."
- Dorothy Dunnett, The Ringed Castle

2. "Only by analyzing the melody to locate the tonic can a key signature be identified as major or minor."
- Carl Schroeder, Harmony and Theory: A Comprehensive Source for All Musicians (Essential Concepts

3. "To the eye, the key signatures of relative keys are identical. Minor key signatures are laid out on the staff just like major key signatures. The sharps and flats are in the same octave and same order. Only by analyzing the melody to locate the tonic can a key signature be visually identified as major or minor."
- Carl Schroeder, Hal Leonard Pocket Music Theory: A Comprehensive and Convenient Source for All Musicians

4. "You are the composer and conductor and thus decide what key of life to live. I choose major over minor whenever I can."
- Susan Reynolds, Woodstock Revisited: 50 Far Out

6. "The seventh key is that you must have a major definite purpose for your life. You must have one goal that, if you accomplish it, can do more to help you improve your life than any other single goal."
- Brian Tracy, Goals!

7. "I had to write a requiem for all those who died, who had suffered. (...) But how could I do it? I was constantly under suspicion then, and critics counted what percentage of my symphonies was in a major key and what percentage in a minor key. That oppressed me, it deprived me of the will to compose."
- Dmitri Shostakovich, Testimony: The Memoirs

9. "I can buy baseball cards to view an entire career on the back of a little square of cardboard. But nobody sells major league father cards with key statistics on the back (Had a great season in 2005: set career highs in unforced expressions of affection and averaged 87 minutes of quality time per day.)"
- John Ortberg Jr., When the Game Is Over

10. "In every major disaster studied, response of random individuals in first moments was a key factor in initial recovery. "There's never a cop when you need one." By the same token, in a disaster during the first portion of recovery there is never a recovery worker when you need one."
- John Ringo, The Last Centurion

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