Monitor Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. निरीक्षण करना (p. nirikShaN karana )
  2. 2. देख रेख करना (p. dekh rekh karana )
  3. 3. दिखाना (p. dikhana )
  4. 4. अनुविक्षक (p. anuvikShak )
  5. 5. दर्शाना (p. darshana )


  1. 1. कक्षानायक (p. kakShanayak )
  2. 2. कक्षा नायक (p. kakSha nayak )
  3. 3. अनुस्रोता (p. anusrota )
  4. 4. मनीटर (p. maniTar )
  5. 5. अनुश्रोता (p. anuzrotA )

Monitor Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Keep tabs on; keep an eye on; keep under surveillance

1. we are monitoring the air quality

2. the police monitor the suspect's moves


Monitor Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

2. "Life is a classroom and boredom is the monitor."
- Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Journey to the End of the Night

3. "I recommend against putting your fist through your monitor."
- Barry Burd, JavaFX for Dummies

4. "It's eerie, but what's happening is the folks are staring at themselves in the monitor staring at themselves in the monitor staring at themselves in the monitor, on and on, completely trapped in a reality loop that never ends."
- Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

5. "I am just like Peter. Take my monitor away, and I am just like Peter."
- Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game

6. "Attitude is an accurate monitor of where we fall on the spectrum of pride and humility."
- Erwin Raphael McManus, Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul

7. "I tell people to monitor their self-pity. Self-pity is very unattractive."
- Quote by Patty Duke

8. "Obligers may struggle to monitor unless someone is checking on them."
- Gretchen Rubin, Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives

9. "For a Politeness Monitor, these responses seemed awfully terse and uncommunicative, but who was I to judge?"
- Peter Hessler, Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory

10. "The first step is learning to monitor your thoughts; to think about what you are thinking about."
- Neale Donald Walsch, The Complete Conversations with God

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More matches words for Monitor

monitor lizard - बिस्खोपरा
monitor printer - मॉनिटर मुद्रित्र
monitor program - मॉनिटर क्रमादेश
monitor unit - मॉनिटर एकक

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