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1. "Hell is full of musical amateurs."
- Quote by George Bernard Shaw

2. "Anything really is possible in musical theater."
- Michelle Knudsen, Evil Librarian

3. "Organization is the Devil's work."
- Linda Medley, Castle Waiting

4. "Every disease is a musical problem; every cure is a musical solution."
- Quote by Novalis

5. "Fresh proof of the risks you run in writing about players, and of the advisability of not standing to leeward of their self-esteem when one has had the misfortune to wound it in the slightest degree. When you criticize a singer, you do not have his colleagues up in arms against you. Indeed, they generally feel that you have not been severe enough. But the virtuoso instrumentalist who belongs to a well-known musical organization always claims that in criticizing him you are 'insulting' the whole institution, and though the contention is absurd he sometimes succeeds in making the other players believe it."
- Hector Berlioz, The Memoirs

6. "If politics were a musical, it would be "Promises, Promises"."
- Quote by Ronald Reagan

7. "Shiny musical instruments wailed, their mouths open like lilies."
- Ismail Kadare, Chronicle in Stone

8. "Musical beds is the faculty sport around here."
- Edward Albee, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

9. "The mouth is small but well shaped, kissable, musical"
- Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex

10. "No one could honestly say that a musical makes sense."
- Quote by Siegfried Kracauer

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