Necromancer Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. जादूगर (p. jadugar )
  2. 2. ओझा (p. ojha )

Necromancer Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. One who practices magic or sorcery

Necromancer Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Just what I needed—a necromancer with an attitude. Oh, wait, I was a necromancer with an attitude."
- Laurell K. Hamilton, Obsidian Butterfly

2. "I'd been staring at the search term for at least five minutes. One word. Necromancer."
- Kelley Armstrong, The Summoning

3. "Stupid bitch,' Tori muttered. 'oh let's take the necromancer with the superpowers to the cemetery. Of course you aren't going to raise the dead, you silly girl."
- Kelley Armstrong, The Reckoning

4. "And the bad guys love to pick on the defenseless necromancer. This time, though, I swear I won’t get kidnapped or possessed. ~Jaime Vegas"
- Kelley Armstrong, Broken

5. "You should never attack a necromancer in a cemetery; it’s like chasing Rambo into a building full of loaded guns. Some people seem to help you kill them."
- Laurell K. Hamilton, Dead Ice

6. "Only the silver head of his cane blazed with reflected fire, held aloft above the grave like a medieval necromancer summoning spirits from the vasty deep."
- Lauren Willig, The Deception of the Emerald Ring

7. "Now go raise zombies like the kickass necromancer we all know you are.’ Edward actually petted me on the head, which he knew I hated. ‘Don’t pet me,’ I said. ‘Sorry, but if you need to stroke off, I can help you; otherwise do your job so that the evil necromancer’s undead army doesn’t eat all the nice people in Boulder.’ ‘Does that make me the good necromancer, or just the other evil one?’ ‘It makes you our necromancer; now go play with the vampires and raise us some zombies."
- Laurell K. Hamilton, Affliction

8. "One of the first lessons a necromancer learns is the art of playing dumb. Of course, one problem with playing dumb is that is seeps into your everyday life. ~Jaime Vegas"
- Kelley Armstrong, Blood Lite

9. "We had one gun, one werewolf, one poltergeist, one supercharged spell-caster, one not-so-supercharged spell-caster, and one perfectly useless necromancer, though Liz was quick to remind me that she needed me to relay her words. - Chloe"
- Kelley Armstrong, The Reckoning

10. "My dear dead mother wanted me to go into an honorable trade, like grave robbing. Would I listen? No. Be an assassin, like your uncle Gustav, she said. Would I pay heed? No. Apprentice to the Necromancer―"
- Raymond E. Feist, Prince of the Blood

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