Nucleus Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. केन्द्र (p. kendr )
  2. 2. केन्द्रक (p. kendrak )
  3. 3. गूदा (p. guda )
  4. 4. नाभिक (p. nabhik )
  5. 5. नाभि (p. nabhi )
  6. 6. गर्भ (p. garbh )
  7. 7. संचयास्पद (p. sanachayaspad )
  8. 8. बीज (p. bIja )

Nucleus Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. The central structure of the lens that is surrounded by the cortex

Nucleus Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "The family is the nucleus of civilization."
- Quote by Will Durant

2. "I see people as the nucleus of a great idea that hasn't come to be yet."
- Quote by Richard Pryor

3. "Finding no nucleus to which we could cling, we became a small nucleus ourselves and gradually we fitted our disruptive personalities into the contemporary scene of New York. Or rather New York forgot us and let us stay."
- Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald

4. "The electromagnetic attraction between negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons in the nucleus causes the electrons to orbit the nucleus of the atom, just as gravitational attraction causes the earth to orbit the sun."
- Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time

5. "The group had an atomic structure: a nucleus of nuts surrounded by darting, nervous nurse-electrons charged with our protection."
- Susanna Kaysen, Girl

6. "the energy from each bursting uranium nucleus would be sufficient to make a visible grain of sand visibly jump."
- Richard Rhodes, Making of the Atomic Bomb

7. "There is always an unspeakable where, perhaps, the nucleus of the living relation between the poem and the world resides."
- Adrienne Rich, Poetry and Commitment

8. "Allowing a negative sentence in your head to end itself forms the very nucleus of negative thoughtforms!"
- Stephen Richards, NAPS: Discover The Power Of Night Audio Programs

9. "They then build detectors that patiently wait for the faint signal of a dark-matter particle passing through and perturbing a nucleus."
- Sean Carroll, The Particle at the End of the Universe: How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson Leads Us to the Edge of a New World

10. "They had discovered the reason no elements beyond uranium exist naturally in the world: the two forces working against each other in the nucleus eventually cancel each other out. They pictured the uranium nucleus as a liquid drop gone wobbly with the looseness of its confinement and imagined it hit by even a barely energetic slow neutron. The neutron would add its energy to the whole. The nucleus would oscillate. In one of its many random modes of oscillation it might elongate. Since the strong force operates only over extremely short distances, the electric force repelling the two bulbs of an elongated drop would gain advantage. The two bulbs would push farther"
- Richard Rhodes, Making of the Atomic Bomb

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More matches words for Nucleus

nucleus accumbens septi - एकम्बेन्स पट केंद्रक
nucleus centromedianus - केंद्राभिमध्य केंद्रक
nucleus compactus interfasicularis - संहत अंतरापूलिका केंद्रक
nucleus conterminalis - कांटरमिनेलिप्त केंद्रक
nucleus eminentiae medialis - अभिमध्य उत्सेधी केंद्रक

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