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  1. 1. United States playwright (1888-1953)

O'neill Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "If I say I will protect you, I will." ~Alexi de Warenne to Elysse O'Neill"
- Brenda Joyce, The Promise

2. "One day, Evie O'Neill, you're gonna fall head over heels for me!"
- Libba Bray, The Diviners

3. "1. The Amazing Race 2. I Thought This Show Was Gonna Be About Aryans 3. Oh. (Joe O'Neill, from Opium)"
- Dave Eggers, The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2007

4. "I'm [Paul O'Neill] an old guy, and I'm rich. And there's nothing they can do to hurt me."
- Ron Suskind, The Price of Loyalty: George W. Bush

5. "He's a beautiful man, but I'm sorry he doesn't agree with my political philosophy Tip O'Neill on Ronald Reagan"
- Chris Matthews, Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked

6. "I have always loved Elle. I love her now even more deeply than before, as the woman I wish to share my life with." ~Sean O'Neill"
- Brenda Joyce, The Stolen Bride

7. "He's cutting the heart out of the American dream to own a home and have a good job ... and still he's popular Tip O'Neill on Ronald Reagan"
- Chris Matthews, Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked

8. "She tugged warningly on his shirt. "I am serious! Are you going to marry me, Sean? Finally?" He smiled, and the light of his smile filled his eyes. "Damn it, Elle! Will you not let me take the lead? Ladies do not propose marriage!" ~Sean O'Neill & Eleanor de Warenne"
- Brenda Joyce, The Stolen Bride

9. "How could I have ever loved Peg? I love you." And too late, he realized that the words he had just spoken were the truth. He closed his eyes, holding her even more tightly, allowing himself to finally realize and identify his feelings. He was stunned by their enormity, their intensity, their power. ~Sean O'Neill"
- Brenda Joyce, The Stolen Bride

10. "EDMUND: "[...] A fost o mare greșeală că m-am născut om. M-aș fi descurcat mai bine ca pescăruș ori pește. Așa, o să fiu mereu un străin care nu se simte niciodată în largul lui, care nu dorește cu adevărat și nu e dorit cu adevărat, care nu poate să-și găsească niciodată locul și care trebuie să fie tot timpul un pic indrăgostit de moarte". (Eugene O'Neill - Lungul drum al zilei către noapte)"
- Quote by Eugene O'Neill

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