Oaf Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. बेवकूफ (p. bevakuph )
  2. 2. बेवकूफ़ आदमी (p. bevakupha Adami )

Oaf Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. An awkward stupid person

Oaf Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Kanan thumped his chest. I’m a man with a mission. You’re an oaf with a delusion."
- John Jackson Miller, A New Dawn

2. "It seems we are sparing no cliché. You impertinent oaf of a schoolboy.… It’s because you can’t have Francis Crawford that you want me. That’s all."
- Dorothy Dunnett, Pawn in Frankincense

3. "[Razo] knocked, peered inside, then jumped and shut the door, quiet as brushing two feathers together. He smiled at his own stealth, then swaggered right into a chair, banging it against the wall. You oaf. He cut short his swagger and began to move with exaggerated sneakiness."
- Shannon Hale, River Secrets

4. "His valet! In the rush of getting him off, his clumsy damned valet had put the wrong boots on him. Oh, when he got home ... when he got home he would have the oaf punctured! Worse. Dragged through the streets and bitten to death by small children."
- L. Ron Hubbard, Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000

5. "He'd followed Dasha once before and remembered which door was hers. He knocked, peered inside, then jumped in and shut the door, quiet as brushing two feathers together. He smiled at his own stealth, then swaggered right into a chair, banging it against the wall. You oaf. He cut short his swagger and begin to move with exaggerated sneakiness. There was a certain pleasure in that, too."
- Shannon Hale, River Secrets

6. "I was talking about children that have not been properly house-trained. Left to their own impulses and indulged by doting or careless parents almost all children are yahoos. Loud, selfish, cruel, unaffectionate, jealous, perpetually striving for attention, empty-headed, for ever prating or if words fail them simply bawling, their voices grown huge from daily practice: the very worst company in the world. But what I dislike even more than the natural child is the affected child, the hulking oaf of seven or eight that skips heavily about with her hands dangling in front of her -- a little squirrel or bunny-rabbit -- and prattling away in a baby's voice."
- Patrick O'Brian, The Truelove

7. "Are you hurt? Don’t lie to me, Rose. If you hurt yourself when you jumped from the sedan, you need to admit it, not be ashamed. It was a dumb plan, but we got away. She gritted her teeth, breathing through her mouth. When she could speak, she made a strangling sound deep in her throat. I’m not hurt. He glared down at her with a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. What the hell is wrong with you? Nothing is wrong with me. This is called having contractions, you big oaf, Rose snapped back, her glare maybe outdoing his by a shade."
- Christine Feehan, Ruthless Game

8. "I understand why some dislike the idea, and fear the ramifications of, America as a liberator. But I do not understand why they do not see that anything is better than life with your face under the boot. And that any rescue of a people under the boot (be they Afghan, Kuwaiti or Iraqi) is something to be desired. Even if the rescue is less than perfectly realized. Even if the rescuer is a great, overmuscled, bossy, selfish oaf. Or would you, for yourself, choose the boot?"
- Quote by Michael Kelly

9. "Come on, come on, you’re wasting time. Just jump up here. I surveyed the scene carefully. I knew I would have to get a running start since there was just a tiny spot left for me and I would never be able to fit into it if I pulled myself up slowly. Apparently, I was taking too long for Chester’s liking. Will you get up here? he hissed. Okay, if that’s what you want. I ran and jumped onto the chair, landing with a great kerplop. Chester, where are you? I cried. I couldn’t see anything but the back of the chair. I’d forgotten to turn myself around. I’m here, you great oaf! I turned my head. What are you doing on the floor? I asked. You knocked me off the chair. Now just stay put. I’m coming back up. I moved to the back of the chair, and Chester"
- Deborah Howe, Bunnicula

10. "The Cyclops was about to roll the stone back into place, when from somewhere outside Annabeth shouted, "Hello, ugly!" Polyphemus stiffened. "Who said that?" "Nobody!" Annabeth yelled. That got exactl;y the reaction she'd been hoping for. The monster's face turned red with rage. "Nobody!" Polyphemus yelled back. "I remember you!" "You're too stupid to remember anybody," Annabeth taunted. "Much less Nobody." I hoped to the gods she was already moving when she said that, because Polyphemus bellowed furiously, grabbed the nearest boulder (which happened to be his front door) and threw it toward the sound of Annabeth's voice. I heard the rock smash into a thousand fragments. To a terrible moment, there was silence. Then Annabeth shouted, "You haven't learned to throw any better, either!" Polyphemus howled. "Come here! Let me kill you, Nobody!" "You can't kill Nobody, you stupid oaf," she taunted. "Come find me!" Polyphemus barreled down the hill toward her voice. Now, the "Nobody" thing"
- Rick Riordan, The Sea of Monsters

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