Office Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. दफ़्तर (p. daftar )
  2. 2. कार्यालय (p. karyalay )
  3. 3. पद (p. pad )
  4. 4. नियोगी (p. niyogi )
  5. 5. ऑफिस (p. ophis )
  6. 6. कार्य स्थान (p. kary sthan )
  7. 7. विभाग (p. vibhag )
  8. 8. शागिर्द पेशा (p. shagird pesha )

Office Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Place of business where professional or clerical duties are performed

1. he rented an office in the new building


Office Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "office"
- James Patterson, The Quickie

2. "Highland Clans office,"
- Diana Gabaldon, Voyager

3. "public defender’s office, Epstein"
- Kurt Eichenwald, The Informant: A True Story

4. "in my new office;"
- Alex Ferguson, Alex Ferguson My Autobiography

5. "Trademark Office, the Canadian Trade Marks Office and"
- Marta Perry, A Christmas to Die For

6. "His brain was his office."
- Quote by Theodore Dreiser

7. "occupying the office Hoover once"
- Nancy Gibbs, The Presidents Club

8. "What I want is Lightower’s office"
- James Patterson, 3rd Degree

9. "field directorship because the Philadelphia front office"
- Roger Angell, The Roger Angell Baseball Collection: The Summer Game

10. "the Office is in Tel Aviv."
- Daniel Silva, The Black Widow

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More matches words for Office

office (as - घर
office bearer - पदाधिकारी
office block - कार्यालय खंड
office boy - बाल कर्मचारी
office of naval intelligence - खुफिया जानकारी का नौसेना का कार्यालय

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