On The Damp Side Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. गिला (p. gila )

On The Damp Side Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Cheeses crusty, got all musty, got damp on the stone of a peach."
- Patricia Briggs, Iron Kissed

2. "She traced the shape of those lips. They were damp and plush and too far away. You have really nice lips. I missed them. One side of them kicked up, his eyes opening. Is that all you missed? She couldn’t count on both hands everything she’d missed about Beau. About the Callahans, about Summer Harbor."
- Denise Hunter, Falling Like Snowflakes

3. "Outlines of dead logs I hauled away remained impressed on the damp earth, scarring the ground with their funereal shapes."
- Tash Aw, The Harmony Silk Factory

4. "Cheeses crusty, got all musty, got damp on the stone of a peach, I agreed. He looked blank, so I repeated it with proper emphasis. ChEEZ-zes crusty. Got Al -musty. Got DAMp on the StoneofapeaCH."
- Patricia Briggs, Iron Kissed

5. "Erak belched quietly and leaned to one side so he could scratch his backside. He was sure that Slagor’s crew had brought fleas with them into the hut. It was the one discomfort they had not had to bear so far. Cold, damp, smoke and smell. But now they could add fleas. He wished, not for the first time, that Slagor’s wolfship had gone down in the gales on the Stormwhite Sea."
- John Flanagan, The Icebound Land

6. "Truth is on the side of compassion."
- Quote by Christina Hoff Sommers

7. "Err on the side of awesome."
- Quote by Brandon Sanderson

8. "The mint and honeysuckle air is chilly on her damp face, awake on the nape of her neck as Witch Baby Wigg skates home."
- Quote by Francesca Lia Block

9. "It was nice standing out in the darkness, in the damp grass, with spring coming on and a feeling in my heart of imminent disaster."
- Michael Chabon, Wonder Boys

10. "it was Hooper. The big, pale dog stared urgently into Wayne’s face, forepaws on the bed. His damp gaze was unhappy, even stricken."
- Joe Hill, NOS4A2

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