Peppery Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. क्रोधी (p. krodhi )
  2. 2. तीखा (p. tikha )

Peppery Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Having the piquant burning taste of peppers

1. corn chips with peppery salsa

Peppery Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "In her bottled up is a woman peppery as curry, a yam of a woman of butter and brass,"
- Quote by Marge Piercy

2. "I have been uncompromising, peppery, intractable, monomaniacal, tactless, volatile, and oftentimes disagreeable... I suppose I'm larger than life."
- Quote by Bette Davis

3. "I have been uncompromising, peppery, intractable, monomaniacal, tactless, volatile, and offtimes disagreeable. I suppose I am larger than life."
- Quote by Bette Davis

4. "Like all bitter men, Flint knew less than half the story and was more interested in unloading his own peppery feelings than in learning the truth."
- Quote by John Cheever

5. "It was the Senator's opinion that a good, peppery chicken soup could cure anything, even childbirth, so he cooked up a nice batch for Stanley Thomas's wife."
- Elizabeth Gilbert, Stern Men

6. "They were fed flaky pastries filled with beef and spices, a peppery stew over couscous, breads stuffed with honey and almonds."
- Meljean Brook, Heart of Steel

7. "Raw, gentle, and easy, it mizzled out of the high air, a special elixir, tasting of spells and stars and air, carrying a peppery dust in it, and moving like a rare light sherry on his tongue. Rain."
- Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles

8. "Siena’s claim to caloric fame is its panforte, a rich, chewy concoction of nuts, honey, and candied fruits that impresses even fruitcake haters. There are a few varieties: Margherita, dusted in powdered sugar, is more fruity, while panpepato has a spicy, peppery crust. Locals prefer a chewy, white macaroon-and-almond cookie called ricciarelli."
- Rick Steves, Rick Steves' Italy 2014

9. "The conspicuous fault of the Jeffersonian Party, like the personal fault of Senator Trowbridge, was that it represented integrity and reason, in a year when the electorate hungered for frisky emotions, for the peppery sensations associated, usually, not with monetary systems and taxation rates but with baptism by immersion in the creek, young love under the elms, straight whisky, angelic orchestras heard soaring down from the full moon, fear of death when an automobile teeters above a canyon, thirst in a desert and quenching it with spring water—all the primitive sensations which they thought they found in the screaming of Buzz Windrip. *"
- Sinclair Lewis, It Can't Happen Here

10. "Yes, it was a "beautiful" sermon, tugging the emotions and conjuring up pictures of greatness and peace. But were they talking about the decent peppery ordinary old man he knew, or had the subject strayed to the story of some saint of the past? Or were there perhaps two men being buried under the same name? One perhaps had shown himself to Ross, while the other had been reserved for the view of men like William-Alfred. Ross tried to remember Charles before he was ill, Charles with his love of cockfighting and his hearty appetite, with his perpetual flatulence and passion for gin, with his occasional generosities and meannesses and faults and virtues, like most men. There was some mistake somewhere. Oh well, this was a special occasion...But Charles himself would surely have been amused. Or would he have shed a tear with the rest for the manner of man who had passed away?"
- Winston Graham, Ross Poldark

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