Purpleness Meaning in Hindi

Purpleness Definitions and Meaning in English

Purpleness Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

3. "zacatecas purple. That"
- Joseph Flynn, The Last Ballot Cast

4. "Is your underwear purple, too?"
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

5. "i love purple and blue!!!!!"
- Quote by Alyson Noel

6. "The sky is a soggy purple."
- Ayn Rand, Anthem

7. "[Thou] mad mustachio purple-hued maltworms!"
- William Shakespeare, Henry IV: Part 1

8. "Penny purchased a precious purple piggy pouch."
- Kevin Murphy, Tongue Twisters: Tongue Twisters for Kids

9. "Purple prose attracts attention more than converts."
- Jeffrey Toobin, The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court

10. "Night poured over the desert. It came suddenly, in purple."
- Terry Pratchett, Jingo

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