Python Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. अजगर (p. ajagar )
  2. 2. जादू टोना करने वाला (p. jadu Tona karane vala )
  3. 3. पाइथन (p. paithan )

Python Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Run away. Me and Monty Python."
- Jim Butcher, Blood Rites

2. "Creepo just smiles, like a python at a cornered rat."
- John Larkin, The Shadow Girl

3. "Monty Python: A documentary series on everyday life in Great Britain."
- Frank Portman, King Dork

4. "In March 2014, an Australian python swallowed a chihuahua and found itself chained to a kennel."
- John Lloyd, 1,234 QI Facts to Leave You Speechless

5. "Just tell him to keep his hands to himself and his python in his pants."
- Evangeline Anderson, Claimed

6. "They are like pythons in the jungle. The smallest child can crush a python egg. But let the snake hatch and grow and the python with squeeze and devour the child."
- Richard Paul Evans, Hunt for Jade Dragon

7. "(If you’re not at all interested in performance, shouldn’t you be in the Python room down the hall?)"
- Scott Meyers, Effective Modern C++: 42 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of C++11 and C++14

8. "Do you follow the wrestling? Most people think it's illegal, but you can watch it there. Ruby and Python are on display this evening."
- Samuel R. Delany, Babel-17

9. "The rainbow began to appear, and sometimes two rainbows, like a mother and her daughter, the one young and beautiful, and the other an old and faint shadow. The rainbow was called the python of the sky."
- Quote by Chinua Achebe

10. "Finally one evening somebody suggested Python (a great name for an untrustworthy impresario, I thought), someone else added Monty, which had connotations of our greatest World War II general, there was hysteria, and history was made. A"
- John Cleese, So

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