Receipt Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. पाना (p. pana )


  1. 1. रसीद देना (p. rasid dena )


  1. 1. पावती (p. pavati )
  2. 2. प्राप्ति (p. prapti )
  3. 3. आय (p. Aya )
  4. 4. पहुँच (p. pahu~ca )
  5. 5. प्रा (p. prA )

Receipt Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Report the receipt of

1. The program committee acknowledged the submission of the authors of the paper


Receipt Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "A receipt blown crazily across the parking lot, was, perhaps, a moth."
- Rae Armantrout, Versed

2. "And there it is again, the look. There's no doubt about it, if Sylvie had a receipt, she would have taken him back by now; this one's gone wrong. It's not what I wanted."
- David Nicholls, One Day

3. "ACCEPTILATION  (ACCEPTILA'TION)   n.s.[acceptilatio, Lat.]A term of the civil law,importing the remission of a debt by an acquittance from the creditor, testifying the receipt of money which has never been paid."
- Samuel Johnson, A Dictionary of the English Language (Complete and Unabridged in Two Volumes)

4. "When God breaks in, the only thing you can do is believe it or not. YOu cannot ask for a receipt of the transaction or a sign for the dubious. God does not offer to cover your backside."
- Anna Carter Florence, Preaching as Testimony

5. "You just bought yourself a world of trouble. But I ordered one of peace and love. I’d like to return the one of trouble or get a full refund, I said. I’m pretty sure I have the receipt somewhere."
- Patrick Thomas, Fairy With A Gun: The Collected Terrorbelle

6. "When she left the store, emboldened, receipt tucked into her purse, folded twice, Janet thought of all the chicken dishes she had not sent back even though they were either half-raw or not what she had ordered. Chicken Kiev instead of chicken Marsala, chicken with mushrooms instead of chicken a la king: her body was made up of the wrong chickens."
- Aimee Bender, The Color Master: Stories

7. "Follows here the strict receipt For that sauce to faint meat, Named idleness, which many eat By preference, and call it sweet: First watch for morsels, like a hound Mix well with buffets, stir them round With good thick oil of flattered, And froth with mean self-lauding lies. Serve warm: the vessels you must choose To keep it in are dead men's shoes."
- George Eliot, Middlemarch

8. "Do this. Don't do that. Stay back in line. Where's tax receipt? Fill out form. Let's see license. Submit six copies. Exit only. No left turn. No right turn. Queue up and pay fine. Take back and get stamped. Drop dead— but first get permit."
- Quote by Robert A. Heinlein

9. "New Rule: If you get to serve me a quarter-head of lettuce with dressing on it, which proves you could have made a salad but chose not to, then I get to pay you with an ATM receipt, which proves I have the money but you're not getting any."
- Bill Maher, The New New Rules: A Funny Look At How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass

10. "You agree to pay me X dollars for this book, and I agree upon receipt of the X dollars to deliver you the book. The right to enter into that agreement is a natural right; the right to have that agreement enforced is one of the aspects of human freedom that governments exist in order to protect."
- Quote by Andrew P. Napolitano

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