Reddish Brown Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. पिंग (p. piMga )


  1. 1. लाल भूरा रंग (p. lal bhura ranag )

Reddish Brown Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. A shade of brown with a tinge of red

Reddish Brown Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "The color of the land fades gradually from dark jungle green to pale green and then a sere reddish-brown as the tail extends from the fat center of the island out to the end, and the soil becomes dryer."
- Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon

2. "Only the chicken-lover will understand me. He will give me a kindly look, maybe mildly desirous. His eyes will tell me: You might look a lot better with some reddish-brown feathers."
- John Irving, A Widow for One Year

3. "When the line of incoming guests ended, Peyton put his arm around Carrie’s waist. She looked enchanting tonight with her reddish-brown tresses pulled back off her face save for the ringlets that brushed against her bare shoulders. Her skin glowed with softness, and Peyton longed to kiss his way down her neck and across her collarbone."
- Andrea Boeshaar, A Thousand Shall Fall

4. "Not like this vision before us, who was shaking water out of his slightly overlong reddish-brown hair as he leaned over to lay down his board (revealing, as he did so, the fact that beneath his baggy swim trunks—so weighted down with water that they had sunk somewhat dangerously low on his hips—lurked what appeared to be an exceptionally well-formed gluteus maximus)"
- Meg Cabot, Pants on Fire

5. "The skull sat on top of an old Stop sign. Someone had painted the surface of the octagon white and written KEEP OUT across it in large jagged letters. A reddish-brown splatter stained the bottom edge, looking suspiciously like dried blood. I leaned closer. Yep, blood. Some hair, too. Human hair. Curran frowned at the sign. Do you think he’s trying to tell us something? I don’t know. He’s being so subtle about it."
- Ilona Andrews, Magic Bites

6. "Performance II Two Women Dreaming Landmarks Angatja, July, 1993 Each morning we open our eyes to an ever changing sky through patterns of feathery mulga leaves from an envelope of green canvas, a fire of mulga at our feet, and curved mulga branches at our head. The camp is a clump of mulga trees beside a little hill, a huge pile of reddish brown rocks, puli."
- Margaret Somerville, Body/Landscape Journals

9. "I twisted my head to look at the girl.  With one hand she held a wide straw hat to her head.  The other held an umbrella drink in a curvy glass.  She wore big movie-star sunglasses, tall, a reddish-new tan.  White bikini bottoms.  No top.  Just boobies. Uh . . . hi. Hi, she said. Then there was this shirtless fat guy at her side.  He didn’t have a top either, but his boobies were harrier.  He was hot pink with sun burn, wore a new moustache like a smear of brown crayon.  His ball cap said Kiss the Captain."
- Victor Gischler, To the Devil

10. "London fog’s fascinating. Just take its colours, for instance – it may be several all at once. In some parts it’s light grey, and you can still see things within a range of forty or fifty feet. In other parts, it’s such a dark grey that there’s no difference between night and day. In some places it’s greyish yellow, as if the whole of London city is burning damp wood. In yet other places, it’s a reddish brown, and when the fog is this colour you can forget about being able to see anything any more. All you can spot if you’re standing indoors, looking out the windowpane, is the reddish brown colour. If you walk in the fog, it’s dark grey just ahead of you, and it’s not until you raise your head and make an actual effort to pick out a lamp shining somewhere, that you can see the faintest yellow tinge to it. That sort of fog doesn’t come in wisps, but in one whole mass, and blocks out the world. As you walk, the fog follows you. You can’t see anything, and nobody can see you. You don’t"
- Lao She, Mr Ma and Son

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