Refulgency Meaning in Hindi

Refulgency Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. The quality of being bright and sending out rays of light

Refulgency Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "refulgent"
- William Boyd, The Vanishing Game

2. "In this refulgent summer, it has been a luxury to draw the breath of life."
- Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

3. "Man is endowed with a singular excellence, for God formed him in his own image and likeness, in which we see a bright refulgence of God’s glory. Furthermore,"
- John Calvin, Commentaries

4. "There are moments in history that seem like a mist, as if what really happens matters less that what should have happened. The mists lift suddenly and there we are, my good parents and their good children, their grateful children who phone for no reason but to talk, say their good-nights with a kiss, and look forward to home on the holidays. I see how, in a family like mine, love doesn't have to be earned and it can't be lost. Just for a moment I see us that way; I see us all. Restored and repaired. Reunited. Refulgent."
- Karen Joy Fowler, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

5. "When the starry sky, a vista of open seas, or a stained-glass window shedding purple beams fascinate me, there is a cluster of meaning, of colors, of words, of caresses, there are light touches, scents, sighs, cadences that arise, shroud me, carry me away, and sweep me beyond the things I see, hear, or think, The "sublime" object dissolves in the raptures of a bottomless memory. It is such a memory, which, from stopping point to stopping point, remembrance to remembrance, love to love, transfers that object to the refulgent point of the dazzlement in which I stray in order to be."
- Julia Kristeva, Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection

6. "As happens in dreams, when a perfectly harmless object inspires us with fear and thereafter is frightening every time we dream of it (and even in real life retains disquieting overtones), so Dreyer's presence became for Franz a refined torture, an implacable menace. [ ... H]e could not help cringing when, with a banging of doors in a dramatic draft, Martha and Dreyer entered simultaneously from two different rooms as if on a too harshly lit stage. Then he snapped to attention and in this attitude felt himself ascending through the ceiling, through the roof, into the black-brown sky, while, in reality, drained and empty, he was shaking hands with Martha, with Dreyer. He dropped back on his feet out of that dark nonexistence, from those unknown and rather silly heights, to land firmly in the middle of the room (safe, safe!) when hearty Dreyer described a circle with his index finger and jabbed him in the navel; Franz mimicked a gasp and giggled; and as usual Martha was coldly radiant. His fear did not pass but only subsided temporarily: one incautious glance, one eloquent smile, and all would be revealed, and a disaster beyond imagination would shatter his career. Thereafter whenever he entered this house, he imagined that the disaster had happened—that Martha had been found out, or had confessed everything in a fit of insanity or religious self-immolation to her husband; and the drawing room chandelier invariably met him with a sinister refulgence."
- Quote by Vladimir Nabokov

7. "But as they walked home together through the leaf-plastered streets, under that eerie refulgence, her father seemed to have divined her plans. This was in his manner, not his words: they were halfway home before he spoke. Amanda, he said. He paused. I want you to realize the consequences before you do something youll be sorry for. He did not look at her, and she too kept her eyes to the front. You know that when I say a thing I mean it—I mean it to the hilt. So tell your young man this, Amanda. Tell him that the day you marry without my consent I’ll cut you off without a dime. Without so much as one thin dime, Amanda. I’ll cut you off, disown you, and what is more I’ll never regret it. I’ll never so much as think your name again. Up to now he had spoken slowly, pausing between phrases. But now the words came fast, like fencing thrusts. Tell your young man that, Amanda, and see what he says. Major"
- Shelby Foote, Love in a Dry Season

8. "Te digo: estoy intentando captar la cuarta dimensión del instante-ya, que de tan fugitivo ya no existe porque se ha convertido en un nuevo instante-ya que ahora tampoco existe. Quiero apoderarme del es de la cosa. Esos instantes que transcurren en el aire que respiro, como fuegos artificiales estallan mudos en el espacio. Quiero poseer los átomos del tiempo. Y quiero capturar el presente que, por su propia naturaleza, me está prohibido; el presente se me escapa, la actualidad huye, la actualidad soy yo siempre en presente. Sólo en el acto del amor –por la nítida abstracción de estrella de lo que se siente– se capta la incógnita del instante, que es duramente cristalina y vibra en el aire, y la vida es ese instante incontable, más grande que el acontecimiento en sí; en el amor el instante de júbilo impersonal refulge en el aire, gloria extraña del cuerpo, materia sensibilizada por el escalofrío de los instantes, y lo que se siente es al mismo tiempo inmaterial y tan objetivo que sucede como fuera del cuerpo, brillando en lo alto; alegría, la alegría es la materia del tiempo y es por excelencia el instante. Y en el instante está el es de sí mismo."
- Clarice Lispector, The Stream of Life

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