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  1. 1. (chemistry) the mass of an atom of a chemical element expressed in atomic mass units

Relative Atomic Mass Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "relative deprivation,"
- Malcolm Gladwell, David and Goliath: Underdogs

2. "If hydrogen, the element of lowest atomic weight, should be the building block (aside from other particles of negligible weight) then something must be lost in the process of fusing hydrogen atoms to form elements of larger atomic weight. This loss of mass, which has been known to be equivalent to energy since Einstein’s work of 1905, is called the binding energy. The idea occurred that it might perhaps be utilized. This is now done in the fusion process that takes place when a hydrogen bomb explodes and the extra mass is converted to radiated energy."
- Morris Kline, Mathematics and the Physical World

3. "The use of the blockade against Germany to starve large numbers of people to death broke through the moral barrier against the mass killing of civilians. It was the precedent for the 'conventional' bombing of civilians in the Second World War and then for the use of the atomic bomb."
- Jonathan Glover, Humanity: A Moral History of the Twentieth Century

4. "Happiness was relative"
- Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes

5. "Logic is relative."
- John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany

6. "Normal is all relative."
- Alethea Kontis, Enchanted

7. "The Army, however, found ways to adapt. It lobbied hard for atomic artillery shells, atomic antiaircraft missiles, atomic land mines."
- Eric Schlosser, Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons

8. "Human orgasm, firecracker. Vampire orgasm, atomic blast."
- Kresley Cole, Lothaire

9. "atomic war n. thermonuclear or nuclear exchange"
- William D. Lutz, Doublespeak Defined: Cut Through the Bull and Get the Point

10. "What matters, though, is not the space you’re put in to work; what matters is the work you do in it. The Manhattan Project, the World War II race to develop the atomic bomb, also started out under a football stadium. Beneath the stands of Stagg Field at the University of Chicago, a team of physicists led by Enrico Fermi built a crude fission reactor, brought its uranium fuel to critical mass, and set off a chain reaction that changed the world. We"
- William M. Bass, Death's Acre: Inside the Legendary Forensic Lab the Body Farm Where the Dead Do Tell Tales

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