Rush Along Meaning in Hindi

Rush Along Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Move fast

1. He rushed down the hall to receive his guests

2. The cars raced down the street


Rush Along Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "I don't want to rush you." "Rush me through what?" "Us." He let out a low laugh. "Babe, I've been here waiting all along. Waiting for you to be ready." He tugged her into his arms. "Please rush me."
- Jill Shalvis, A Christmas to Remember

2. "when you rush to get to a mythical there, one day you will arrive and realize you missed all of the pleasures and mysteries along the way."
- James Altucher, The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth

7. "And just then it occurred to him that he was going to die. It came with a rush; not as a rush of water nor of wind; but of a sudden, evil-smelling emptiness and the odd thing was that the hyena slipped lightly along the edge of it."
- Ernest Hemingway, The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories

8. "Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. In our mad rush for progress and modern improvements let's be sure we take along with us all the old-fashioned things worth while."
- Laura Ingalls Wilder, A Family Collection: Life on the Farm and in the Country

9. "I look along the endless line, squinting in the sunshine. I'm twenty-nine years old. I can go anywhere. Do anything. Be anyone I like. "There's no rush," I say at last, and reach up to kiss him again."
- Sophie Kinsella, The Undomestic Goddess

10. "It was a marriage of love. He was sufficiently spoiled to be charming; she was ingenuous enough to be irresistible. Like two floating logs they met in a head-on rush, caught, and sped along together."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jazz Age Stories

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