School Principal Meaning in Hindi

School Principal Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. The educator who has executive authority for a school

1. she sent unruly pupils to see the principal


School Principal Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Had all the world been a school and Wilson its principal, he would have been the greatest statesman in history."
- Barbara W. Tuchman, The Zimmermann Telegram

2. "I daydream about a high school where everybody plays the harmonica: the students, the teachers, the principal, the janitor and the cook in the cafeteria."
- Richard Brautigan, The Tokyo-Montana Express

3. "Victoria Principal—she"
- Fareed Zakaria, In Defense of a Liberal Education

4. "You've used up all your school sick days," he said, persuing my file. "You've requested to leave school one hundred and thirty days out of the one hudred and forty days of school so far." So thirty-one might be the magic number?" Principal Reed and Raven"
- Ellen Schreiber, Vampireville

5. "in the book i'm reading (The Principal) the main chareter best friend has to go to a differnt school. I can picture them waiting at the bus stop together crying."
- Quote by Jerry Spinelli

6. "Garris had pet names for all of them. Mahler was the Mad Doktor. Franz Liszt was Son of Lovecraft. Mendelssohn was Santa Claus Meets the Hell’s Angels. Beethoven was the High School Principal."
- Chet Williamson, A Haunting of Horrors: A Twenty-Novel eBook Bundle of Horror and the Occult

7. "Catholic students there had refused to read from the King James Version and were castigated by the principal. Was it good teaching, she asked, for a school to say you will read the St. James [sic] version or else"
- Kevin M. Kruse, One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America

8. "Then, one glorious day, our principal announced that any student with a passing grade-point average could apply for a transfer to the new OASIS public school system. The real public school system, the one run by the government, had been an underfunded, overcrowded train wreck for decades. And now the conditions at many schools had gotten so terrible that every kid with half a brain was being encouraged to stay at home and attend school online."
- Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

9. "She dropped the matter, and his birthday remained May 28. Armed with the Social Security card, the birth certificate, and the letter from Principal Simpson of the Briarcrest Christian School, they drove the next day to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This time they had Collins in tow. Collins"
- Michael Lewis, The Blind Side (Movie Tie-in Edition)

10. "Sometimes only in retrospect do we realize that we have wasted our best years looking for a lost, inappropriate first love, that our life-changing passion for a particular person was no more than the desire to finally kiss the crooked lower lip of an elementary school principal or the boy on whom we had an unrequited childhood crush."
- Francine Prose, Lovers at the Chameleon Club

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