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1. "[...] a number of flawed individuals can often add up to a brilliant social unit."
- Robert Musil, The Man Without Qualities: Vol. 1

2. "The smallest indivisible human unit is two people, not one; one is a fiction. From such nets of souls societies, the social world, human life springs."
- Quote by Tony Kushner

3. "heavy demolition unit."
- Annie Groves, Daughters of Liverpool

5. "The individual is increasingly deprived of the moral decision as to how he should live his own life, and instead is ruled, fed, clothed and educated as a social unit, accommodated in the appropriate housing unit, and amused in accordance with the standards that give pleasure and satisfaction to the masses."
- Quote by C.G. Jung

6. "The sperm whales' network of female-based family unit resembled, to a remarkable extent, the community the whalemen had left back home on Nantucket. In both societies the males were itinerants. In their dedication to killing sperm whales the Nantucketers had developed a system of social relationships that mimicked those of their prey."
- Nathaniel Philbrick, In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex

7. "Honeybees are social insects and live in colonies. Each colony is a family unit, comprising a single, egg-laying female or queen and her many sterile daughters called workers. The workers cooperate in the food-gathering, nest-building and rearing the offspring. Males are reared only at the times of the year when their presence is required."
- Christopher O'Toole, Bees of the World

8. "with a bias toward individualism that affects our conceptualization of the social. Smelser (1997: 29) says: We live in the Western cultural tradition, which has exploited the cultural values of individualism. As children of that tradition, we are most comfortable taking the individual person as the starting point of analysis. Put another way, that cultural tradition ‘tilts’ us toward assuming that the natural unit for the behavioral and social sciences is the individual."
- William C. Cockerham, Social Causes of Health and Disease

9. "The natural man lives for himself; he is the unit, the whole, dependent only on himself and on his like. The citizen is but the numerator of a fraction, whose value depends on its denominator; his value depends upon the whole, that is, on the community. Good social institutions are those best fitted to make a man unnatural, to exchange his independence for dependence, to merge the unit in the group, so that he no longer regards himself as one, but as a part of the whole, and is only conscious of the common life."
- Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile

10. "Apart from the agglomeration of huge masses in which the individual disappears anyway, one of the chief factors responsible for psychological mass-mindedness is scientific rationalism, which robs the individual of his foundations and his dignity. As a social unit he has lost his individuality and become a mere abstract number in the bureau of statistics. He can only play the role of an interchangeable unit of infinitesimal importance. Looked at rationally and from outside, that is exactly what he is, and from this point of view it seems positively absurd to go on talking about the value or meaning of the individual."
- C.G. Jung, The Undiscovered Self

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