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  1. 1. Piece of solid food for dipping in a liquid

Sops Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "One thing is certain: the arts keep you alive. They stimulate, encourage, challenge, and, most of all, guarantee a future free from boredom. They allow growth and even demand it in that time of life we call maturity but too often enter it with a childish faith that what we learned in youth is sustenance enough for the years when most men are mentally famished but won't admit it—or when they are apt to curb their hunger with the sops of complacency, security, and the assurance of death."
- Vincent Price, I Like What I Know: A Visual Autobiography

2. "In other words, it was unavoidable, and probably inevitable, so we might as well close our minds and accept that 16.5 million people had to die. On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, it is time to re-examine these sops of self-exculpation, which posterity still largely applauds or tolerates, aided by recent histories that re-peddle the myths that the governments of Europe groped blindly towards war; or that Germany was solely responsible for the catastrophe, and thus had to be vanquished and utterly destroyed."
- Paul Ham, 1913: The Eve of War

3. "To the infra-human specimens of this benighted scientific age the ritual and worship connected with the art of healing as practiced at Epidaurus seems like sheer buncombe. In our world the blind lead the blind and the sick go to the sick to be cured. We are making constant progress, but it is a progress which leads to the operating table, to the poor house, to the insane asylum, to the trenches. We have no healers – we have only butchers whose knowledge of anatomy entitles them to a diploma, which in turn entitles them to carve out or amputate our illnesses so that we may carry on in cripple fashion until such time as we are fit for the slaughterhouse. We announce the discovery of this cure and that but make no mention of the new diseases which we have created en route. The medical cult operates very much like the war office – the triumphs which they broadcast are sops thrown out to conceal death and disaster. The medicos, like the military authorities, are helpless; they are waging a"
- Quote by Henry Miller

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