Spiritual Endeavour Or Performance (esp. Aspiring For An End) Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. साधना (p. sAdhanA )

Spiritual Endeavour Or Performance (esp. Aspiring For An End) Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "For an aspiring bodhisattva, the essential practice is to cultivate maitri, or loving-kindness."
- Pema Chödrön, Comfortable with Uncertainty: 108 Teachings on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion

2. "un·der·cov·er adj. (of a person or their activities) involved in or involving secret work within a community or organization, esp. for the purposes of police investigation or espionage: an undercover police operation. ■ adv. as an undercover agent: a special unit of the police that operates undercover."
- Erin McKean, The New Oxford American Dictionary

3. "post·ing n. 1 CHIEFLY BRIT. an appointment to a job, esp. one abroad or in the armed forces: he requested a posting to Japan."
- Erin McKean, The New Oxford American Dictionary

4. "I'm an aspiring writer.' I hate that phrase. You're either a writer or you're not."
- Quote by Jake Black

5. "how vain an attempt it is for a man to endeavour to do himself honour among those who are out of all degree of equality or comparison with him."
- Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels

6. "quo·tid·i·an adj. [attrib.] of or occurring every day; daily: the car sped noisily off through the quotidian traffic. - ordinary or everyday, esp. when mundane: his story is an achingly human one, mired in quotidian details."
- Erin McKean, The New Oxford American Dictionary

7. "The Protestant view is problematic because it ignores the fact that certain prophetic oracles are very interested in punctilious performance of particular ritual laws (see esp. Jer 17.19–27). Furthermore, a close reading of prophets such as Isaiah or Amos suggests that they are not anti-law or anti-Temple, but are rhetorically emphasizing that ritual behavior alone, without proper moral behavior, is insufficient to assure divine blessing."
- Adele Berlin, The Jewish Study Bible: Second Edition

8. "mind regarded as a store of things remembered: he searched his memory frantically for an answer. - the capacity of a substance to return to a previous state or condition after having been altered or deformed. See also SHAPE MEMORY. 2 something remembered from the past; a recollection: one of my earliest memories is of sitting on his knee | the mind can bury all memory of traumatic abuse. - the remembering or recollection of a dead person, esp. one who was popular or respected: clubs devoted to the memory of Sherlock Holmes. - the length of time over which people continue"
- Erin McKean, The New Oxford American Dictionary

9. "esp. (in mining) one used for washing ore. a channel for conveying molten metal from a furnace or container to a ladle or mold. laun·der·er n. Middle English (as a noun denoting a person who washes linen): contraction of lavender, from Old French lavandier, based on Latin lavanda 'things to be washed', from lavare 'to wash'. laun·der·ette (also laun·drette) n. a laundromat. laun·dress n. a woman who is employed to launder clothes and linens. Laun·dro·mat (also laun·dro·mat) n. TRADEMARK an establishment with coin-operated washing machines"
- Erin McKean, The New Oxford American Dictionary

10. "In a 1963 performance entitled "Who R U?" at the San Francisco Museum of Art, Stern and Callahan added highway sounds to the mix, moving them from speaker to speaker in the showroom. They also had individuals placed in booths around a central auditorium, miked their conversations, and replayed them simultaneously in an eighteen-channel remix. By 1965 this show had morphed into a program called "We R All One," in which USCO deployed slide and film projections, oscilloscopes, music, strobes, and live dancers to create a sensory cacophony. At the end of the performance, the lights would go down, and for ten minutes the audience would hear multiple "Om's" from the speakers. According to Stern, the show was designed to lead viewers from "overload to spiritual meditation."19 In the final moments, the audience was to experience the mystical unity that ostensibly bound together USCO's members."
- Fred Turner, From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand

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