Strum Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. झंकारना (p. jhanakarana )
  2. 2. बजाना/झंकारना (p. bajana/jhanakarana )


  1. 1. झंकार (p. jhanakar )

Strum Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Sound of strumming

1. the strum of a guitar


Strum Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Seated alone by shadowy bamboos, I strum my lyre and laugh aloud; None know that I am here, deep in the woods; Only the bright moon comes to shine on me."
- Quote by Wang Wei

2. "The multiple choices and possibilities of daily life are the music we dance to. They are like strings on a guitar. Strum and you create a pleasing sound. A harmonic."
- Stephen King, 11/22/63

3. "The multiple choices and possibilities of daily life are the music we dance to. They are like strings on a guitar. Strum them and you create a pleasing sound. A harmonic. But then start adding strings. Ten strings, a hundred strings, a thousand, a million. Because they multiply!"
- Stephen King, 11/22/63

4. "except for the muffled strum of her fingers against metal, the house is still, quiet, but then she hears another sound, this one coming from deep within. a numbing furrow slides through her soul, sliding into her brain, a furrow that seperates one part of her heart from the other. and then it goes quiet agani."
- Mary E. Pearson, A Room on Lorelei Street

5. "I am a confused Musician who got sidetracked into this goddamn Word business for so long that I never got back to music - except maybe when I find myself oddly alone in a quiet room with only a typewriter to strum on and a yen to write a song. Who knows why? Maybe I just feel like singing - so I type. These quick electric keys are my Instrument, my harp, my RCA glass-tube microphone, and my fine soprano saxophone all at once. That is my music, for good or ill, and on some nights it will make me feel like a god. Veni, Vidi, Vici... That is when the fun starts..."
- Hunter S. Thompson, Kingdom of Fear: Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child in the Final Days of the American Century

6. "When she asked him to play a song while she finished, he had to strum chords for a while and pretend to be tuning up until he settled down. He didn’t want her to see how unsettled he’d been by the whole thing. How unsettled he still was. He had thought he was the fisherman, but he saw now — She had pronged him, with a single stroke, pronged him through the heart and he was caught. Just like with Melody, caught. But this wasn’t Melody, Dicey wasn’t. And besides, he didn’t feel pronged, he felt — overwhelmed, out of breath, breathless."
- Cynthia Voigt, A Solitary Blue

7. "Our story ends happily ever after. It has to. We escape Battle Creek, pile into the car, and burn a strip of rubber down the highway. Fly away west, to the promised land. Our rooms will be lit by lava lamps and Christmas lights. Our lives will glow. Consciousness will rise and minds will expand, and beautiful boys in flannel shirts will make snow angels on our floor and write love letters on our ceiling with black polish and red lipstick. We will be their muses, and they will strum their guitars beneath our window, calling to us with a siren song. Come down come away with me. We will lean out of our tower, our hair swinging like Rapunzel's, and laugh, because nothing will carry us away from each other."
- Robin Wasserman, Girls on Fire

8. "He gave the final strum. The last chord was still ringing out as he looked up at her. I was thinking about what you said earlier. About the babies being able to hear sounds. If I play this every night until they’re born, it’ll become familiar. And later it’ll remind them of being all snug inside. A flush crept up into his cheeks. Her eyes stung at the beauty of the thought. At his sweet, selfless nature. How had she gotten so lucky? An aching lump swelled in her throat. Daniel’s face fell. I didn’t mean to make you cry. She scooted over on the couch. Took the guitar from his hands, setting it on the table. She pulled him into her arms, sighing. That’s about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. She"
- Denise Hunter, Dancing with Fireflies

9. "When boys called Bob and Bono would bring their own wild-rhythm celebration and the world would fall down in worshipful hallelujahs as it again acknowledged Ireland's capacity to create missionaries. So what if they were "the boys in the band"? They sang from a pulpit, an enormous pulpit looking down on a congregation that would knock your eyes out. A city that had produced Joyce and Beckett and Yeats, a country that had produced poet-heroes and more priests and nuns per head of population than almost any on earth was not going to spawn boys who just wanted to stand before a packed hall of gyrating teenagers and strum their guitars and sing. They had to have a message. One of salvation; they were in it to save the world. Like I said, we're teachers, missionaries."
- Josephine Hart, The truth about love

10. "A single strum of the strings or even one pluck is too complex, too complete in itself to admit any theory. Between this complex sound—so strong that it can stand alone—and that point of intense silence preceding it, called ma, there is a metaphysical continuity that defies analysis. In its complexity and integrity this single sound can stand alone. To the Japanese listener who appreciates this refined sound, the unique idea of ma—the unsounded part of this experience—has at the same time a deep, powerful, and rich resonance that can stand up to the sound. …the Japanese sound ideal: sound, in its ultimate expressiveness, being constantly refined, approaches the nothingness of that wind in the bamboo grove."
- Toru Takemitsu, Confronting Silence: Selected Writings

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