Supernumerary Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. अतिरिक्त (p. atirikt )
  2. 2. छोटा कलाकार (p. chhoTa kalakar )
  3. 3. फ़ालतू आदमी (p. phaalatu Adami )
  4. 4. अधिसंख्य/अनावश्यक (p. adhisanakhy/anavashyak )

Supernumerary Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. A person serving no apparent function

1. reducing staff is difficult because our employees include no supernumeraries


Supernumerary Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "and the inexplicable prevalence of supernumerary testicles in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania."
- Mark Leyner, Why Do Men Have Nipples? Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini

2. "Deprived of the infinite, man has become what he always was: a supernumerary. He hardly counts; he forms part of the troupe called Humanity; if he misses a cue, he is hissed; and if he drops through the trapdoor another puppet is in readiness to take his place."
- Rémy de Gourmont, Philosophic Nights in Paris,: Being Selections from Promenades Philosophiques

3. "Everything, my good friend, is relative, from the king who stands in the way of his designated successor to the employee who impedes the supernumerary: if the king dies, the successor inherits a crown; if the employee dies, the supernumerary inherits a salary of twelve hundred livres. These twelve hundred livres are his civil list: they are as necessary to his survival as the king’s twelve million. Every individual, from the lowest to the highest on the social scale, is at the centre of a little network of interests, with its storms and its hooked atoms, like the worlds of Descartes;2 except that these worlds get larger as one goes up: it is a reverse spiral balanced on a single point."
- Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

4. "Dess shook her head. "Before he walked off, Rex said for you to wait. He said it's totally important you don't touch Angie until he comes back. and he said that if you were a pain about it, I get to hit you with that." She pointed to where the darkling had flung Flabbergasted Supernumerary Mathematician, its tip blackened by ichor and fire. "So, go ahead."
- Scott Westerfeld, Blue Noon

5. "We went into a small, windowless office crowded between two others that appeared empty. A middle-aged American woman was seated behind a metal desk. She appeared normal and reasonably attractive until she spoke; then her scarred gums showed that she had once had two or three times the proper number of teeth—forty or fifty, I suppose, in each jaw—and that the dental surgeon who had extracted the supernumerary ones had not always, perhaps, selected those he suffered to remain as wisely as he might."
- Gene Wolfe, The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories and Other Stories

6. "Brockhurst, the champion of individualism, was soon launched on his favorite topic. "The great fault of the American nation, which is the fault of republics, is the reduction of everything to the average. Our universities are simply the expression of the forces that are operating outside. We are business colleges purely and simply, because we as a nation have only one ideal—the business ideal." "That's a big statement," said Regan. "It's true. Twenty years ago we had the ideal of the lawyer, of the doctor, of the statesman, of the gentleman, of the man of letters, of the soldier. Now the lawyer is simply a supernumerary enlisting under any banner for pay; the doctor is overshadowed by the specialist with his business development of the possibilities of the rich; we have politicians, and politics are deemed impossible for a gentleman; the gentleman cultured, simple, hospitable, and kind, is of the dying generation; the soldier is simply on parade." "Wow!" said Ricketts, jingling his"
- Owen Johnson, Stover at Yale

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More matches words for Supernumerary

supernumerary breast - अतिरिक्त स्तनता
supernumerary bronchi - अतिरिक्त श्वसनी
supernumerary digit - संख्याधिक अंगुलि
supernumerary group - अतिरिक्त समूह
supernumerary phloem - अतिरिक्त फ्लोएम

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