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  1. 1. United States political journalist (1915-1986)

T. H. White Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "With solitude, however, fervently it is desired and embraced, comes loneliness. T. H White, the author, offered advice to those in sadness -- learn something new."
- Carolyn G. Heilbrun, The Last Gift of Time: Life Beyond Sixty

2. "The most difficult thing in the world is to know how to do a thing and to watch someone else do it wrong, without comment. -T. H. White"
- Steven D. Price, 1001 Smartest Things Ever Said

3. "L-A-B-Y-R-I-N-T-H."
- Kate McMullan, Stop that Bull

4. "What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind. —T. H. Key Of"
- Jeffrey M. Schwartz, The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force

5. "Heiraten heißt das Mögliche t(h)un, einander zum Ekel zu werden. (Marrying means doing whatever possible to become repulsed of each other.)"
- Arthur Schopenhauer, The Art of Always Being Right

6. "Natural selection rendered evolution scientifically intelligible: it was this more than anything else which convinced professional biologists like Sir Joseph Hooker, T. H. Huxley and Ernst Haeckel."
- Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

7. "Seltsam ist es. Beherrscht dich ein Gedanke, so findest du ihn überall ausgedrückt, du r i e c h s t ihn sogar im Winde."
- Thomas Mann, Tonio Kröger

8. "Academics and scientists too easily enjoy the role of secular priesthood given them in the nineteenth century by T. H. Huxley in particular."
- Simon James, Atlantic Celts: Ancient People Or Modern Invention

9. "Architecture is a hazardous mixture of omnipotence and impotence. It is by definition a c h a o t i c a d v e n t u r e... In other words, the utopian enterprise."
- Rem Koolhaas, S

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