Ten Trillion Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. नील (p. nil )

Ten Trillion Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "With odds standing at 1 chance in 10164 of finding a functional protein among the possible 150-amino-acid compounds, the probability is 84 orders of magnitude (or powers of ten) smaller than the probability of finding the marked particle in the whole universe. Another way to say that is the probability of finding a functional protein by chance alone is a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion times smaller than the odds of finding a single specified particle among all the particles in the universe."
- Stephen C. Meyer, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design

2. "EXTREME DESIGN Theologically, the space energy density demonstrates that for physical life to be possible at any time or place in the history of the universe the value of the mass density of the universe must be fine-tuned to within one part in 1060, and the value of the cosmological constant must be fine-tuned to within one part in 10120.{74} To put this in perspective, the best example of human engineering design that I am aware of is a gravity wave telescope capable of making measurements to within one part in 1023. This implies that the Creator at a minimum is ten trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion times more intelligent, knowledgeable, creative, and powerful than we humans. To word it another way, before this discovery the most profound design evidence scientists had uncovered in the cosmos was a characteristic that had to be fine-tuned to within one part in 1040. Thanks to this twenty-first century discovery, the evidence that God created and"
- Hugh Ross, The Creator and the Cosmos: How the Latest Scientific Discoveries Reveal God

3. "Five seconds, ten seconds, more change than ten thousand years of a human civilization. A billion trillion constructions, mold curling out from every wall, rebuilding what had been merely superhuman."
- Vernor Vinge, A Fire Upon the Deep

4. "There are more than three hundred trillion cells in the human body. Counting ten cells per second, it would take more than a million years to count them all."
- Ben Bova, The Exiles Trilogy

5. "In the Game of Life, as in our world, self-reproducing patterns are complex objects. One estimate, based on the earlier work of mathematician John von Neumann, places the minimum size of a self-replicating pattern in the Game of Life at ten trillion squares—roughly the number of molecules in a single human cell."
- Stephen Hawking, The Grand Design

6. "On a bench in Essex’s lab was a 10-teraflop processor about the size of a standard desktop. It ran, however, about ten thousand times faster, at ten trillion operations a second. We’ve developed a very sophisticated test called the ‘holy shit test,’ said Moodispaw. One day we had three different sets of government customers come in to see what we could do. They all said, ‘Holy shit, you can do that?’ We’re getting results nobody else can on the technology side. Eavesdropping"
- James Bamford, The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America

7. "In the end, he says, his goal is to make the financial system work better and more safely. If the real market worked liked FXTrade, costs would come down, liquidity would rise. "The world economy is like your body," he says. "Your heart pumps six liters of blood a minute, and so if you weigh eighty kilos it would take about fifteen minutes to pump your body's weight. By that analogy, the world foreign exchange markets should be transacting $40 trillion every ten minutes. Today we do $1 trillion or so in twenty-four hours. My claim is the global economy is close to a heart attack."
- Benoît B. Mandelbrot, The (Mis)Behavior of Markets

8. "Take the expansion rate of the universe, which is fine-tuned to one part in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion. That is, if it were changed by one part in either direction--a little faster, a little slower--we could not have a universe that would be capable of supporting life. ~Stephen C. Meyer, PHD~"
- Lee Strobel, The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God

9. "But germs are the most common snowflake starters and lie at the heart of 85 percent of all flakes.2 So next time you gaze at a lovely snowstorm, inform your favorite germophobe or hypochondriac that living bacteria sit shivering in most of those untold billions of flakes. Then hand him or her a snow cone or organize a catch-a-snowflake-on-your-tongue party. Once the ice-forming process is started, more molecules join the party, and the crystal grows. It can ultimately become either a snowflake or a rough granule of ice called by the odd name graupel. A snowflake contains ten quintillion water molecules. That’s ten million trillion. Ten snowflakes—which can fit on your thumb tip—have the same number of molecules as there are grains of sand on the earth. Or stars in the visible universe. How many flakes, how many molecules fashioned the snowy landscape I was observing as I drove east? It numbed the brain."
- Quote by Bob Berman

10. "I have only a bare working knowledge of the human brain but it's enough to make me proud to be an American. Your brain has a trillion neurons and every neuron has ten thousand little dendrites. The system of inter-communication is awe-inspiring. It's like a galaxy that you can hold in your hand, only more complex, more mysterious." "Why does this make you proud to be an American?" "The infant's brain develops in response to stimuli. We still lead the world in stimuli."
- Don DeLillo, White Noise

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