The Celestial Sphere Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. आकाशमंडल (p. AkAzamaMDala )

The Celestial Sphere Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "My father ain't in Europe; my father's in a better place than Europe." Winterbourne imagined for a moment that this was the manner in which the child had been taught to intimate that Mr. Miller had been removed to the sphere of celestial reward. But Randolph immediately added, "My father's in Schenectady."
- Henry James, Daisy Miller

2. "Love is a celestial respiration of the air of paradise."
- Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

3. "What I long for with a deep ache inside me is sacred music. I long for the Fauré Requiem, for the Haydn Mass in Time of War, for some pure celestial music that could lift me above myself, into that sphere where great art lives, beyond what man can be in himself, the intimation of the sacred—what cannot be dirtied or smudged by wickedness or by anger, which no threat can touch."
- May Sarton, As We Are Now

4. "the highest form of musicality in the sphere of thought."
- Richard Rhodes, Making of the Atomic Bomb

5. "Increasing knowledge lessens the sphere of the supernatural."
- Edward Westermarck, The Origin And Development Of The Moral Ideas

6. "is to the original as the sphere of opinion is to the sphere of knowledge? Most undoubtedly."
- Plato, The Republic

7. "I hear the wind among the trees playing the celestial symphonies."
- Quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

8. "To this celestial kindness he opposed pride, which is the fortress of evil within us."
- Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

9. "To the celestial Rose, who drew me into her lovely orbit. With love and gratitude, Theo."
- Isabel Wolff, Rescuing Rose

10. "After Abraham was weaned, while still an infant, his mind began to reflect. By day and by night he was thinking and wondering: "How is it possible that this [celestial] sphere should continuously be guiding the world and have no one to guide it and cause it to turn round; for it cannot be that it turns round of itself?"...His mind was busily working and reflecting until he had attained the way of truth, apprehended the correct line of thought, and knew that there is one God, that He guides the celestial sphere and created everything, and that among all that exist, there is no god besides Him....He then began to proclaim to the whole world with great power and to instruct the people that the entire universe had but one Creator and that Him it was right to worship....When the people flocked to him and questioned him regarding his assertions, he would instruct each one according to his capacity till he had brought him to the way of truth, and thus thousands and tens of thousands joined"
- Maimonides, Hilchot Avodat Kochavim

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