The Crest Of The Wave Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. शिखर (p. shikhar )

The Crest Of The Wave Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "For me art is a spontaneous journey on the crest of the Tao’s wave,"
- David Jay Brown, Mavericks of the Mind

2. "I've been riding on the crest of a slump lately."
- Quote by Tom Waits

3. "Suleika knows that she is only a passing moment, the crest of a wave or the hem of a cloud, but she is soberly content to be, do an instant, the embodiment of that flow."
- Claudio Magris, Danube: A Sentimental Journey from the Source to the Black Sea

4. "Everything was imbued with emotion, awash in it, and I was no longer a biologist but somehow the crest of a wave building and building but never crashing to shore."
- Jeff VanderMeer, Annihilation

5. "I've dropped my pebble in the ocean, and hopefully; throughout the course of the day; millions of others will drop theirs in too. No single one of us knows which pebble causes the wave to crest, but each of us, quite rightly, believes that it might be ours; an act of faith."
- Quote by Michael J. Fox

6. "That is the way Connecticut goes, in a series of Marcelle waves; and Lock Willow Farm is just on the crest of one wave. The barns used to be across the road where they obstructed the view, but a kind flash of lightning came from heaven and burnt them down."
- Jean Webster, Daddy-Long-Legs

7. "The Gar Wood was a 1947 Ensign, its lines designed for cutting small chop at high speed, not for coping with deep-water swell. The boat teetered at the crest of the wave then tipped down the other side, nearly swamping."
- Todd Borg, Tahoe Ghost Boat

8. "Suddenly, everything was easy and clear. I simply did whatever Chade told me to do, and trusted to him to have it turn out right. My spirit rode high on the crest of that wave of faith, and sometime during the night it occurred to me: this was what Burrich had had from Chivalry, and what he missed so badly."
- Robin Hobb, Assassin's Apprentice

9. "Deep Web advertising, wave of the future,"
- Thomas Pynchon, Bleeding Edge

10. "I’ve always lived here, by the sea. I was a beach brat. I was born riding the peak of a crest of a wave. I was born with salt in my eyes. No, I mean it. I was conceived right down there on that beach. Six years old and surfing. It’s all that sea in me. That’s what makes my eyes change color. I’ve got waves inside. The ocean runs through me, man."
- Kate Braverman, Lithium for Medea

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