The First Delivery Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. पहलौटी (p. pahalauTI )

The First Delivery Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "I was always exceedingly delighted with that saying of Chrysostom, "The foundation of our philosophy is humility"; and yet more pleased with that of Augustine: "As the orator, when asked, What is the first precept in eloquence? answered, Delivery: What is the second? Delivery: What is the third? Delivery: so if you ask me concerning the precepts of the Christian religion, I will answer, first, second, and third, Humility."
- John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion

2. "He looked like the victim of a forceps delivery."
- Quote by Auberon Waugh

3. "An author I know once explained why writing became so much more difficult in the twenty-first century: The biggest problem in my life, he said, is that my work machine is also my pornography delivery machine."
- Chuck Klosterman, I Wear the Black Hat: Grappling With Villains

4. "Innovation is the creation and delivery of new customer value in the marketplace."
- Michael J. Gelb, Innovate Like Edison: The Success System of America's Greatest Inventor

5. "Bible, and so the delivery of one of these prizes was a rare and noteworthy circumstance;"
- Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

6. "Since you refused the good grace to die on delivery, Rathain has got a living prince."
- Janny Wurts, Fugitive Prince

- Samuel Shem, The House of God

8. "God has made relationships His chosen delivery system for the gospel of hope."
- Quote by Ed Stetzer

9. "A remarkable number of the memoirs of booksellers are basically anecdote delivery devices."
- Travis McDade, Thieves of Book Row: New York's Most Notorious Rare Book Ring and the Man Who Stopped It

10. "the United Metropolitan Improved Hot Muffin and Crumpet Baking and Punctual Delivery Company."
- Charles Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby

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