Whiz Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. घरघराने लगना (p. gharagharane lagana )


  1. 1. सनसनाना (p. sanasanana )


  1. 1. प्रतिभाशाली व्यक्ति (p. pratibhashali vyakti )
  2. 2. सनसनाहट (p. sanasanahaT )
  3. 3. प्रवीण (p. praviN )

Whiz Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. Make a soft swishing sound

1. the motor whirred

2. the car engine purred


Whiz Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "Gee whiz, it's all fucking heart- breaking"
- Quote by Alice Notley

2. "Get crazy with the Cheez Whiz."
- Quote by Beck

3. "How come when I’m with you, life seems to whiz"
- Stephen Bly, The Final Chapter of Chance McCall

4. "Nancy, you're a whiz, as I've often told you," her friend declared."
- Carolyn Keene, The Secret of Red Gate Farm

5. "Publicity whiz who guided Jobs early on and remained a trusted advisor."
- Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs

6. "did you just say 'gee whiz' to me? what am I, nine? I am a woman-"
- Christopher Moore, A Dirty Job

7. "I don't care what you Yanks say, cheese should not whiz."
- Janette Rallison, My Fair Godmother

8. "Memories are bullets. Some whiz by and only spook you. Others tear you open and leave you in pieces."
- Richard Kadrey, Kill the Dead

9. "The greenhouse effect I am knowing; To protest right now I am going, But oh my gee whiz, I'm going that is, If only it ever stops snowing."
- Quote by Alan Cook

10. "It was a cheesy cheeseball, covered with Cheez Whiz and served on a bed of Cheez-Its. With a side of queso."
- Jordan Sonnenblick, After Ever After

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