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1. "He told me that a German doctor named Wolff figured it out in the 1800s by studying X-rays of infants’ hips as they transitioned from crawling to walking. A whole new evolution of bone structure takes place to support the mechanical loads associated with walking, said Lang. Wolff had the great insight that form follows function. Alas, Wolff did not have the great insight that cancer follows gratuitous X-raying with primitive nineteenth-century X-ray machines."
- Mary Roach, Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void

2. "guess we should start by X-raying it, Liz said slowly. We’ll need to scan it for biohazards, of course, and— Abby lunged forward, cutting Liz off. She didn’t hesitate as she grabbed the package and ripped. Scraps of paper and packing material flew everywhere, but no one said a thing as Abby turned the envelope upside down and dumped the contents onto the table. Or we could do that, Liz finished."
- Ally Carter, Out of Sight

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