Yacht Meaning in Hindi


  1. 1. क्रीड़ा नौका में सफ़र करना (p. kriDaa nauka men saphar karana )


  1. 1. नौका सैर करना/उक्त नौका में जाना या सैर करना (p. nauka sair karana/ukt nauka men jana ya sair karana )


  1. 1. नौका (p. nauka )
  2. 2. पाल नौका (p. pal nauka )
  3. 3. क्रीड़ा नौका (p. kriDaa nauka )

Yacht Definitions and Meaning in English

  1. 1. An expensive vessel propelled by sail or power and used for cruising or racing

Yacht Sentences from Popular Quotes and Books

1. "yacht club. She wore a pumpkin-colored jacket and had long brown"
- Carla Neggers, Heron's Cove

2. "Money can't buy happiness but it can buy a huge yacht that sails right next to it."
- Quote by David Lee Roth

3. "azuré.Le yacht avançait rapidement, quoique en apparence il y eût à peine assez de vent pour faire flotter la chevelure bouclée d'une jeune fille."
- Alexandre Dumas, Le Comte de Monte-Cristo

4. "my yacht. I don’t mind going for a coupla hours’ cruise. I’ll even lend you that book so you’ll have something to read on the revenue"
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, Flappers and Philosophers: The Original 1920 Edition

5. "She was built with curves like the hull of a racing yacht, and you missed none of it with that wool jersey."
- Quote by Ernest Hemingway

6. "She is the swelling sail, trim rigging and bust sunlit deck of our matrimonial yacht. I am the low hull, with the invisible ballast and keel."
- Alasdair Gray, Poor Things

7. "It wasn't a beautiful face. But it was a nice face. It wasn't a face that could launch a thousand ships. Maybe two ships and a small yacht."
- Quote by Grant Naylor

8. "money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to sail right up along side it."
- Quote by David Lee Roth

9. "[on buying a private island] Money doesn't buy you happiness, but it buys you a big enough yacht to sail right up to it."
- Quote by Johnny Depp

10. "when you seek Significance, you’re always comparing yourself with someone else. And there’s always someone bigger, taller, stronger, faster, richer, funnier, younger, more handsome, more beautiful, with a bigger yacht, a nicer car, a nicer home."
- Anthony Robbins, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

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More matches words for Yacht

yacht chair - क्रीड़ा नौका कुर्सी
yacht club - नौका क्लब
yacht race - क्रीड़ा नौका प्रतिस्पर्धा

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