Alex Archer Quotes.

1. "was the sort, and perhaps got by on very little, save for what he obviously bartered for. I know everyone in the area and most of West Cork, too, it seems, he said. Hear they believe they found some kind of faerie spear on this particular dig. Allegedly. The spear of Lugh. It’s connected to the Tuatha Dé Danaan. The tribe of the goddess Danu. I know the story. Don’t know much about the spear. One of four magical gifts brought by the Danaan from four island cities of Tír na nÓg. It’s supposed to never miss its target and always return to the hand that threw it. He nodded, and shrugged. Me mum’s"
- Alex Archer, The Other Crowd

2. "Closing in on three hundred pounds, the woman with her in lockup looked like a Sumo wrestler squeezed into a bright, lime-green spandex outfit. She might have been a jogger, but her garish makeup suggested otherwise."
- Alex Archer, Clockwork Doomsday

3. "I’ve got a team covering the video with viruses everywhere they find it. I’ve caused YouTube to shut down twice."
- Alex Archer, Clockwork Doomsday