Bob Smith Quotes.

11. "Paying attention in a particular way: non judgmentally, in the present moment, and on purpose."
- Bob Smith, Mindfulness For Beginners: Change your life by living in the present moment without stress

12. "The one undeniable benefit of having spent some time in the closet is that it nurtures a talent that you can fall back on any time: lying convincingly. Sometimes I worried that queer kids in the twenty-first century coming out at twelve, or even younger, would never develop that valuable skill."
- Bob Smith, Remembrance of Things I Forgot

13. "The chilling thought occurred to me that breaking up with someone you love to criticize might be the only way to save yourself from becoming unlovable"
- Bob Smith, Remembrance of Things I Forgot

14. "In Japan, there is the phrase ‘shoshin’, which translates to ‘beginner’s mind’. Maintaining a beginner’s mind is the goal of practicing."
- Bob Smith, Zen Buddhism: Beginners Zen Guide For Happiness

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