Callum Henderson Quotes.

1. "people is much more on the economic rather than the militant. There is a deep irony with regard to the protest of November 1998, however humble that was compared with its predecessor. The people who took to the streets in 1998 to voice their discontent were precisely those whom Deng Xiaoping had exhorted to drive the economy forward, precisely those whom China’s late paramount leader had told in his revolutionary statement of the 1980s that to get rich is glorious. These were the very inheritors of his vision for a commercially viable and prosperous China. That they were on the streets, protesting their financial losses,"
- Callum Henderson, China on the Brink: The Myths & Realities of the World's Largest Market: The Myths & Realities of the World's Largest Market

2. "capita in the Republic of Korea was 121.8%. For Taiwan, that figure was 88.0%. In Hong Kong, real GDP growth per capita in that period leaped 64.2%, while in Singapore it was 77.5%. Growth in real earnings has been even more impressive,"
- Callum Henderson, Asia Falling