Cathy Glass Quotes.

1. "Boundaries for good behaviour are essential for all children; as well as socializing the child they show them that the parent cares, whatever syndrome or condition the child may have. I knew Reva had developed some strategies"
- Cathy Glass, Saving Danny

2. "Wouldn't it be lovely, I thought again, if I could wave my magic wand and make every child wanted and cared for, and every parent capable of caring for and loving their child? But practically, all I could do was the best for the children I looked after, and hope I gave them something positive to take with them."
- Cathy Glass, The Saddest Girl in the World

3. "Running away from a problem never helps. At some point it has to be confronted and dealt with."
- Cathy Glass, Cut: The True Story of an Abandoned

4. "Cathy slowly discovers the terrible childhood Dawn has had; rejected by her parents, left to fend for herself, then subjected to violent treatment by her relatives."
- Cathy Glass, Cut: The True Story of an Abandoned

5. "Adults make mistakes too. And sometimes it can take a while before they realise it."
- Cathy Glass, Cut: The True Story of an Abandoned

6. "May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten."
- Cathy Glass, The Night the Angels Came

8. "she was yearning to be with her grandparents now."
- Cathy Glass, I Miss Mummy

9. "they were missing each other so much that all topics seemed to lead back to their separation and loss."
- Cathy Glass, I Miss Mummy

10. "Don’t make me go, Mummy. Please don’t make me go."
- Cathy Glass, I Miss Mummy

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