Clive Cussler Quotes.

1. "She was a Privately funded spy ship owned by the corporation and headed by Juan Cabtillo. The Oregon was his brain child and his one true love."
- Quote by Clive Cussler

2. "I know you're the only pistol champion we have, but I'd rather they no see enough of you to hit. You're also the only wife I have..." "You're so sweet.' " the moment."
- Quote by Clive Cussler

3. "Unfortunately we have to remember we’re scientists, not writers of popular semifictional archaeological claptrap."
- Clive Cussler, Serpent

4. "We’re not lost, he said in a cheery tone. We’re just locationally deficient and directionally challenged at the moment."
- Clive Cussler, The Pharaoh's Secret

5. "Joe had the distinct impression they were getting in deeper than they expected with each turn, almost as if they’d hooked a small fish that had been eaten by a larger fish and was being chased by a giant shark."
- Clive Cussler, The Pharaoh's Secret

6. "stranded Napoleon in Egypt, which"
- Clive Cussler, The Pharaoh's Secret

7. "the"
- Clive Cussler, The Tombs

8. "fisherman had to be a combination biologist, meteorologist, mechanic and mariner. Their livelihood, their very lives, depended on their store of practical knowledge."
- Clive Cussler, Fire Ice

9. "A grief-stricken man is driven to defy the gods."
- Clive Cussler, Valhalla Rising

10. "My daddy always said, ‘Luck never gives, it lends,"
- Clive Cussler, Piranha

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