Hal Borland Quotes.

11. "The Earth's distances invite the eye. And as the eye reaches, so must the mind stretch to meet these new horizons. I challenge anyone to stand with autumn on a hilltop and fail to see a new expanse not only around him, but in him, too."
- Quote by Hal Borland

12. "When legends die the dreams end. When the dreams end there is no more greatness."
- Quote by Hal Borland

13. "Here and there one sees the blush of wild rose haws or the warmth of orange fruit on the bittersweet, and back in the woods is the occasional twinkle of partridgeberries. But they are the gem stones, the rare decorations which make the grays, the browns and the greens seem even more quiet, more completely at rest."
- Hal Borland, Seasons

14. "a slap and a night’s disgrace. But when he sneaked into the kitchen and stole a hamburger patty from the table he got a trouncing. He"
- Hal Borland, The Dog Who Came to Stay: A Memoir

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