Isaac Deutscher Quotes.

1. "For nearly thirty years the powerful propaganda machines of Stalinism worked furiously to expunge Trotsky's name from the annals of the revolution, or to leave it there only as the synonym for arch-traitor. To the present Soviet generation, and not only to it, Trotsky's life-story is already like an ancient Egyptian sepulchre which is known to have contained the body of a great man and the record, engraved in gold, of his deeds; but tomb-robbers and ghouls have plundered and left it so empty and desolate that no trace is found of the record it once contained. The work of the tomb-robbers has, in this present instance, been so persistent that it has strongly affected the views even of independent Western historians and scholars."
- Quote by Isaac Deutscher

2. "In Christianity this evolution lasted centuries; in Bolshevism — only decades. If Lenin was the St. Paul of Marxism, who set out to transplant the movement from its original environment into new lands, Stalin was already its Constantine the Great. He was, to be sure, not the first Emperor to embrace Marxism, but the first Marxist revolutionary to become the autocratic ruler of a vast empire."
- Isaac Deutscher, Russia After Stalin

3. "I do not think that a man's rise to power is necessarily the climax of his life or that his loss of office should be equated with his fall."
- Isaac Deutscher, The Prophet Armed: Trotsky

4. "Wherever he went he left footprints so firm that nobody could later efface or blur them, not even he himself, when on rare occasions he was tempted to do so."
- Isaac Deutscher, The Prophet Armed: Trotsky

5. "The local liberal press, much molested by the censorship, had its courageous and skilful writers such as VM Doroshevich, the master of that semi-literary and semi-journalistic essay at which Bronstein himself was one day to excel."
- Isaac Deutscher, The Prophet Armed: Trotsky

6. "The intoxication with the theatre, with its limelight, costumes, and masks, and with its passions and conflicts, accords well with the adolescence of a man who was to act his role with an intense sense of the dramatic, and of whose life it might indeed be said that its very shape had the power and pattern of classical tragedy."
- Isaac Deutscher, The Prophet Armed: Trotsky

7. "The hunger for land: that great hunger which for more than half a century was to shake Russia and to throw her into a fever, body and mind."
- Isaac Deutscher, The Prophet Armed: Trotsky

8. "By offering the educated a semblance of freedom he made the denial of real freedom even more painful and humiliating. The intelligentsia sought to avenge their betrayed hopes; the Tsar strove to tame their restive spirit; and, so, semi-liberal reforms gave way to repression and repression bred rebellion."
- Isaac Deutscher, The Prophet Armed: Trotsky

9. "[...] the foreign policy of any government [...] is a prolongation of its domestic policy. This is all to often forgotten in a period of 'summit' meetings, when the public is led to believe that three or four Big Men solve, or fail to solve, the world's predicaments according to whether they have or do not have the wisdom, the good will, or the magic wand needed for their task."
- Isaac Deutscher, Great Contest: Russia and the West

10. "The butler waited for my visiting card, but, woe is me, what visiting card shall a man with a cover name produce? …"
- Isaac Deutscher, The Prophet: The Life of Leon Trotsky

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