Joseph Beuys Quotes.

1. "In places like universities, where everyone talks too rationally, it is necessary for a kind of enchanter to appear."
- Quote by Joseph Beuys

2. "Art alone makes life possible – this is how radically I should like to formulate it. I would say that without art man is inconceivable in physiological terms… I would say man does not consist only of chemical processes, but also of metaphysical occurrences. The provocateur of the chemical processes is located outside the world. Man is only truly alive when he realizes he is a creative, artistic being… Even the act of peeling a potato can be a work of art if it is a conscious act."
- Quote by Joseph Beuys

3. "Truth must be found in reality, not systems."
- Joseph Beuys, What Is Art?: Conversations with Joseph Beuys