Karen Hesse Quotes.

21. "Sometimes, a flame can be utterly extinguished. Sometimes, a flame can shrink and waver, but sometimes a flame refuses to go out. It flares up from the faintest ember to illuminate the darkness, to burn in spite of overwhelming odds."
- Karen Hesse, The Stone Lamp: Eight Stories Of Hanukkah Through History

22. "I don't know what I am thinking. But I am alone. I am trapped in the net of the room. In the net of humans. I think maybe I am drowning in the net of humans."
- Karen Hesse, The Music of Dolphins

23. "to those who swear our young are on the road to perdition take comfort in this- every generation has felt somewhat the same for two or three thousand years and the still the world goes on."
- Karen Hesse, Witness

24. "As long as you live, it is never too late to make amends. Take my advice, child. Don't waste your precious life with regrets and sorrow. Find a way to make right what was wrong, and then move on."
- Karen Hesse, Safekeeping

25. "The schoolhouse, on this sunlit morning, has begun to take on the scent of girls with wind-blown hair, with seeds in their pockets, with road-hardened feet."
- Karen Hesse, Safekeeping

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