Lance Parkin Quotes.

1. "There comes a time when the fall of snow is no longer the start of a marvellous adventure. There comes a time when it means scraping your windscreen and hoping your car starts. It means aching joints and throbbing sinuses and cold hands and feet. It means taking longer to get to work and spending all day sitting in an office where the heating isn’t on. Grey slush and cracked pipes, cancelled trains and influenza, that’s what snow means. You’ll wake up feeling like that, one day, and it will mean you are grown up. I hope that day doesn’t come soon."
- Lance Parkin, Doctor Who: Father Time

2. "The problem Creationists identify is with the word 'theory', not with the case for evolution"
- Lance Parkin, Time

3. "He barely scraped his PhD, as I recall. Not one college wanted him for post-doctoral work. Yet he wears that badge of academic failure as his name. Do you really feel the need to parade your ignorance, Doctor?"
- Lance Parkin, Doctor Who: The Infinity Doctors