Linda Lael Miller Quotes.

1. "I tell you that there are eighty-plus-year-old nudists cavorting on your property, Ashley O'Ballivan, and all you can do is laugh?"
- Quote by Linda Lael Miller

2. "Manhandeling a lady was asking for trouble pretty much anywhere, but square in the middle of cowboy-central, it was close to suicidal."
- Quote by Linda Lael Miller

3. "Being interested in a woman is quite another matter from being in love with one."
- Quote by Linda Lael Miller

4. "When the moon strays off into space and the last star winks out forever, I will still love you"
- Quote by Linda Lael Miller

5. "You're the one with the badge," I admitted, "but I'm the one being haunted by a seven-year-old in a ballerina costume."
- Linda Lael Miller, Deadly Deceptions

6. "Picture of the Author LINDA LAEL MILLER has written more than twenty novels, including the New York Times bestsellers Princess Annie, The Legacy, Yankee Wife, and Daniel’s Bride . With almost six million copies of her books in print, she is considered to be among the finest romance authors writing today. Ms. Miller resides in the Seattle area, where she is at work on her third time-travel romance, My Outlaw ."
- Linda Lael Miller, Knights

7. "den a lot of times myself, she confessed."
- Linda Lael Miller, Used-to-Be Lovers: Into His Private Domain

8. "than she was, but for the next three days—or was it four?—the kids’ meals would be her responsibility. Let’s go out for pizza! Matt suggested exuberantly. He was standing on the raised hearth of the double fireplace that served both the kitchen and dining room, and Sharon"
- Linda Lael Miller, Used-to-Be Lovers: Into His Private Domain

9. "Won’t I be showing? Libby fretted, looking from Julie to Paige. Looking like a pillow smuggler in my wedding dress wasn’t part of the fantasy, ladies."
- Linda Lael Miller, Austin

10. "the natural spillway where the branch and the"
- Linda Lael Miller, Big Sky River

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