Lori Foster Quotes.

1. "For writers: If you polish a book too much, it'll be flat and shiny and smooth--and not too interesting. It's the little pits and bumps and whatnot that show voice and make a book unique from all the other super shiny flat surfaces"
- Quote by Lori Foster

2. "No one thinks you're an idiot. That's just dumb."
- Quote by Lori Foster

3. "was to come. She lost her fragile grasp on control, unaware of everything but the implosion of heat, the wave of sensation that made her muscles ripple and her"
- Lori Foster, The Buckhorn Brothers Box Set: Sawyer / Morgan / Gabe / Jordan

5. "She pulled a deck from a drawer and sat across from Tyler. "What would you like to play?" She looked at Tyler. "Strip poker?" Carlie started to rise, her mouth drawn in annoyance, but Tyler stopped her. He was laughing. "Okay, okay. Bad jest. Sorry." She nodded grudgingly. "So. What should we play?" With a twinkle in his eyes, he asked innocently, "Old maid?" She threw the cards at him, then sat there glaring. "Well, I suppose that decides it." He grinned wryly, a card sitting on top of his head, the rest scattered in his lap and on the floor. "Fifty-two pickup it is." -Carlie and Tyler"
- Lori Foster, Impetuous

6. "Tyler caught her wrist. "You can't walk home now. It's raining." "Believe me, it won't bother me a bit." "Now, Carlie, don't be obstinate." "Tyler, I'm dangerously close to laying you low." She had to get away from him. Now. "Violence? My, my, your cold is making you surly." She tugged, but he didn't release her. "Tyler, what did you intend to do today, before you came here and decided to harass me?" "I was going to harass Brenda, but you'll do better."
- Lori Foster, Impetuous

7. "Manners, boy. I'll beat them into you if I have to."
- Lori Foster, Jude's Law

8. "Eyes narrowing, she whispered, Are you accusing me of PMS?"
- Lori Foster, Dash of Peril

9. "Let me leave you my number. Anything comes up, or if anyone bothers you-" "You're bothering me."
- Lori Foster, Run the Risk

10. "And so you were in here, chatting with God?" Bruce stared at her face, studying her features in minute detail. His voice dropped to a soft, velvety whisper. "I wanted to thank Him for my many blessings." The burning of her eyes increased. She would not cry like some ninny just because Bruce was happy. He was a devout and wonderful person who always looked to the bright side. Knowing that prompted her to say, "You're such a good man, Bruce." "I'm a fortunate man, in many, many ways." He made a grand gesture toward the glass blocks. "It's a beautiful, sunny day, and my very own church is almost complete." "It is shaping up. Everyone will like it." His thumb moved to her bottom lip with a teasing, gentle touch. "Good friends surround me, and I enjoy good health." "All things you deserve." He smiled. "And I've been given the greatest gift of all." "What's that?" He laughed, tweaked her chin. "You." "Me?" He slowly nodded. "God's given me a lot. But best of all, He's given me you." He took her mouth in a long, toe-curling, stomach-tightening kiss, and in a husky rumble: "I'll be thinking Him every day for the rest of my life." -Bruce and Cyn"
- Lori Foster, When Bruce Met Cyn

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